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Introducing the Souls Collective?

Who is the Souls Collective? Welcome! “We’re delighted to have you with us. The Souls Collective, also known as our divine essence, is the term we use to describe an individual’s spiritual support team, which comprises deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, and guiding spirits in the light. Every person has a unique collection of souls guiding them throughout their journey. The energy we refer to is what shapes the diverse personality traits of the Divine Creator. As bearers of celestial energy, we aim to provide clarity, instill peace of mind about your life path, and empower you to make well-informed decisions. Cultivating your intuition is the key to embracing your soul’s wisdom. For those who struggle to perceive their Soul’s Collective or their team’s presence, a trained psychic medium can offer help.”

About Gail Serna:

Hello, I’m Gail Serna, and I wear several hats: Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, and Intuition Development Instructor. My primary role involves shifting my focus to form a connection with both my team and yours in the heavenly realm, a practice known as channeling. There are also various aspects of mediumship, which I delve into further in my Intuition Development Programs/Classes. This journey is nothing short of thrilling for me. Many of my clients have shared that the insights they receive are both practical and straightforward, providing them with a clear roadmap for their soul”s path. One client even shared how her anxiety melted away, and I witnessed the transformation in her demeanor as she found reassurance.

Feedback from Satisfied Clients:

  • I’m so thankful! I appreciate you, Gail. I feel this reading really opened my eyes! Many blessings to you! I really enjoyed talking with you.
  • I had a reading with Gail Serna yesterday and it was so much more than I expected.  There was no question about the connections made she interpreted messages clearly and accurately.  I highly recommend booking a reading with Gail it was a great experience.
  • Another client had this to say, I have been going to therapy for a while now, but I found your reading to be more helpful.
  • I know with absolute certainty that I was supposed to connect with you and that the 1-hour session was necessary. I knew going into it there was a reason, now I know it was for my healing. I will definitely be working with you again and look forward to the day I am ready to start working with you as a mentor.
  • Gail is AMAZING!!!! I’ve had TWO remarkable experiences w/Gail. I’ll see U Friday, Gail. Can’t wait! I’ll sign up.
  • Thank you so much, Gail!  You helped me see things so much more clearly.  I needed that time to get out of my head, and you gave me so many excellent reminders!  I’ll stay in touch! 
  • Thank you so much Gail! I am in awe at how your mediumship reading totally encompassed everything I am going through. I’ve been wanting to hear from my grandma. So wise, so loving, such an old soul. This helped a lot.

“As a human race, the seamless integration of our psychic and physical senses, along with the cultivation of intuition, should be a natural progression. However, this harmonious development is often not an innate process.

Are you seeking greater satisfaction in life and a profound sense of peace? Do you find yourself grappling with uncertainty when making important choices? Are you yearning to ascertain whether you’re on the right life path? If these questions resonate with you, you’ve arrived at the right destination. My clients are embarking on a spiritual journey, choosing to nurture their intuition and strengthen their connection with the Divine Creator and their Soul’s Collective or spirit team.”

I booked an hour long reading with Gail as a result of a conversation I had with her where she intuited some things about a tragic event that took place.  As an intuitive myself with mediumship skills, I was impressed with not only what she said but how she offered it.  That is important as I am sensitive to psychic boundaries.  So about 6 months later, I decided I would book the reading with her in hopes of getting some closure on this individual’s tragic and untimely death.  Within a few minutes of the reading, she had established a connection with this person and offered me a message (from them) that was both emotional and freeing for me.  I am grateful to Gail for her ability to utilize her gifts to help me and many others.  If you are in a place of confusion, stagnancy, or as I was, lost by death, and need assistance in healing, I highly recommend Gail to assist you in receiving illumination, love, and healing.


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