My Intuitive Abilities Saved My Life

Discovering My HigherSelf  

What started me down my spiritual journey was my dad’s unfortunate death. When I was in my late 20s, he committed suicide. It left a gaping hole in my heart. This defining moment is what started me down my path.

I had a long-time childhood friend who was  down her spiritual journey, and we used to have many conversations. She knew I had seen a traditional talk therapist, but I was still suffering.

She encouraged me to seek out her friend who was a psychic medium.

At first, I thought her suggestion was crazy. Since I had no reference point for this. But she urged me to see her, and I had my first session. Wow, nothing brought me more peace instantly than this reading on both an emotional and physical level. I could feel the energy leave my back. In fact, I stood up straighter and the pain in my lower back went away. This was the first time I experienced energy in a physical sense. It left me dumbfounded.

This was a pivotal time for me.

I knew there was a higher life force larger than myself guiding me.  This experience led me to seek out a meditation group, a mentor, and attend regular psychic circles to cultivate my skills as a psychic medium and spiritual counselor.

I wanted desperately to serve people in this manner and making my passion into a reality was a mere dream.

In Life: 

One thing I have realized is many of us have had pain points in our lives and I have had my share of them. As a child, I was raised in a divorced home and my dad was not a prominent figure in my life. The divorce my parents went through affected me deeply. As the youngest, I feel like I went through a life-altering experience with my Mom.

Growing up I felt different from the other members of my family and learned I was a highly sensitive person/Empath.

Also, we were not raised with any formal religion and were taught that God did not exist. We stood on our own two feet in life, and that was what my dad believed.  This belief never resonated with me. As I grew up, I suffered from anxiety.

After I discovered my Divine Creator, I was able to find joy as I developed my intuition. What emerged was that I became more self-confident and released much of my own anxiety and suffering.

My attitude toward how I viewed and perceived the world around me changed, and I stopped looking at the world as if I was a victim. I started living life on my own terms, speaking my own truth, and living in my own inner integrity.

Spiritual tools eased suffering!

As my relationship with my soul deepened, I realized I could channel angels, healing spirits, and deceased loved ones. I noticed my ability to be a clear channel and help people with my spiritual tools eased my client’s suffering as they did for me.

In the past decade, I have witnessed so many people change their lives and grow through their struggles because of this work. My readings help them find peace and answers to move forward in their life, and for that, I am grateful.


Gail is authentic and so connected to the angels. Her reading for me began with her drawing angel cards that right away spoke volumes. And then she gave her interpretation which brought it to a deeper level. I was feeling the effects of these awarenesses for a few weeks afterward as the assistance unfolded to new levels. Gail also connected to my grandmother’s spirit which has been so helpful in taking care of my mother. I know I can tap into that and ask for assistance at any time. Gail is so kind and caring and filled with angelic love. I highly recommend having a reading with her to guide you though life, work, and family challenges. I am so glad I did.

Phoebe Pinney Fazio

Yoga Insturctor and Sound Washing Practioner

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