My Intuitive Abilities Saved My Life

One thing I have realized is many of us have had pain points in our life and I have had my share of them. I was able to find joy as I developed my intuition. What emerged, as a result, was that I became more self-confident and released much of my own anxiety and suffering. My attitude toward how I viewed and perceived the world around me changed and I stopped looking at the world as if I was a victim. I started living life on my own terms, speaking my own truth, and living in my own inner integrity.

I sought out a meditation group and began to develop my own practice. As my relationship with my higher self deepened, I realized I could channel Angel Guidance, spirits in the light, and deceased loved ones. I noticed my ability to be a clear channel and help people release their own suffering was the key.

In the past decade, I have witnessed so many people change their lives and grow through their struggles because of this work. My readings help them find peace and answers to move forward in their life, and for that, I am grateful.

Gail is authentic and so connected to the angels. Her reading for me began with her drawing angel cards that right away spoke volumes. And then she gave her interpretation which brought it to a deeper level. I was feeling the effects of these awarenesses for a few weeks afterward as the assistance unfolded to new levels. Gail also connected to my grandmother’s spirit which has been so helpful in taking care of my mother. I know I can tap into that and ask for assistance at any time. Gail is so kind and caring and filled with angelic love. I highly recommend having a reading with her to guide you though life, work, and family challenges. I am so glad I did.

Phoebe Pinney Fazio

Yoga Insturctor and Sound Washing Practioner

Training and Participation as a Psychic Medium

Gail participated in a three-day workshop called Conscious Aging. It is a program that was developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The Presenters: Sr. Deborah Lorentz, SSS M.Ed. & Lala Rukh Khan, Wellness Educator. The first session engaged with Introduction, Self-compassion, Negative self-image, Forgiveness. The second session focused on topics such as Life Review and Transformative Practices. The third session covered Death Makes Life Possible, Surrender and Letting Go, and Creating a New Vision of Aging.

Currently, she volunteers part-time at Holy Spirit Retreat Center helping to organize and coordinate the center’s spiritual, interfaith featured retreats.

Gail was a regular member of a Spiritual Meditation group facilitated by Alina Shalev of Astra Healing, for over four years before the group folded.

She is a member of two advanced psychic and evidential mediumship development circles in Los Angeles. Each group is facilitated by professionals who are Evidential Spiritualist Psychic Mediums. One of the facilitators is her mentor.

Gail participated in an evidential mediumship class taught by Reverend Christine Dreher associated with Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association HGSA in Escondido, California.

She completed the Psychic, Mediumship Development and Certified Angel Card Reader courses taught by Radleigh Valentine through Hay House Publishing. She is a Certified Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader.

Gail participated in an eight-week Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction course taught by Catherine Baum based upon Jon Kabat-Zinn’s program at the University Of Massachusetts Medical Center, Center for Mindfulness. Baum studied with Jon directly.

She was in a healing workshop put on by Maryna Allan, the founder of Be The Change Energy Center, on the principals created by Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Maryna studied with Donna directly.

After a stringent two-year process, she was accepted as a featured Psychic Medium in Bob Olsen’s Best Psychic Directory.

Gail was attuned in the First and Second Degree of the Reiki Method of Natural Healing, Usui Shiki Ryoho Style as administered by The Celestial Energy Center. Her teachers were Master Healer, David Castle, Reiki Master Teacher and Ann K. Castle, Reiki Master Teacher.

She received a B.A. in Speech Communication from Fresno State University. In her traditional career, Gail is an executive recruiter and career coach.

Gail Serna is a natural at connecting with the angelic realm. The information that she channels flows easily and the relevance of the message will strike a chord of authenticity. If you are looking for answers to questions or want to connect with someone who has passed over, Gail, with the angelic realm will not disappoint.

Lisa Spang

Office Manager at the Pilates Place

Please Note: I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist, psychotherapist, etc. If you are experiencing extreme trauma, suicidal thoughts, extreme eating or drinking disorders, or any type of serious mental health issue, please see a licensed professional immediately. My sessions and card readings are a form of Spiritual Healing and Consulting. They do not claim to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor are they intended to prescribe in any way. No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

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