Retraining the brain

What is a core belief? The definition of a core belief is the very essence of how we see ourselves.

Common themes emerge in a reading

Many times in a reading a client will come to me for guidance and to gain clarity on their path. Rarely do I answer the yes or no question they have asked.

Identifying core beliefs, patterns, & blocks

Instead, we work on identifying core beliefs, patterns, and blocks. What I strive to do in a spiritual counseling or energy session is to look at when the core belief or pattern became imprinted in the client’s brain. We identify what it is and then work on reframing the pattern that has taken hold of the subconscious mind. So then we dive into family relationships involving parents and grandparents. There are many techniques we use to have an understanding of what age the core belief rooted itself, identify the core belief, and then work on retraining the brain. I find that when people ask me questions about which job they should take or if the new person they are dating is right for them the inability to see clearly stems from one of these patterns including lack, doubt or failure to see the conscious signs for themselves.

Healing family relationships

As with most dysfunctional family relationships healing from a broken heart, forgiveness work, and identifying blocks and patterns are the key. I love identifying these blocks because then we can reframe the pattern to our advantage. The goal is to heal the generations before you and break any and all cycles of abuse for current and future generations to come.

Energy healing package

Does this resonate with you?  So after I have done several hundred of these types of sessions, I came up with an energy healing package. It is available now for purchase. As always if your unclear as to whether this could benefit you book a reading and we can go from there.

Live your best life

As humans, we were meant to live our best life. Sometimes based on our upbringing and dysfunctional family relationships we don’t have the opportunity to see this. This work is truly transformational and I can tell you I am my own testimonial.  After I started looking at my own issues of abandonment by my father and the circumstances of my own life that brought me pain on a daily basis, I realized I didn’t want to live with my constant negative mental chatter. “Make it stop,” I screamed out to myself one day early in the morning before getting out of bed. From there I walked down my own path (figuratively speaking) and started to apply the many techniques of prayer work, meditation, and journaling. The biggest thing I did that transformed my life was to intuitively have an understanding of (at a young age) when the pattern started. I could sense, feel and know (using my psychic and mediumship skills) exactly at what age and what the many beliefs were. These beliefs left me with low self-esteem and confidence. Once I was able to uncover these mental blocks, I began to retain myself and put my life back together allowing my higher self to lead the way.

My Outlook

“Remember your mission is to focus on things that bring you joy. We are on this earth for a short time even though it may not seem that way as you are experiencing a lifetime on earth. Make the most of it and enjoy the physical senses this human body has to offer. It’s the way we create our best work.”

Please Note: I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist, psychotherapist, etc. If you are experiencing extreme trauma, suicidal thoughts, extreme eating or drinking disorders, or any type of serious mental health issue, please see a licensed professional immediately. My sessions and card readings are a form of Spiritual Healing and Consulting. They do not claim to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor are they intended to prescribe in any way. No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

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