Are you Thinking of Having a Mediumship Session?

Unlock the potential of a meaningful session with these vital considerations. Embrace the openness to messages from any departed loved one, recognizing that the process is controlled by Spirit, not the medium or the client (sitter). Your emotional state is a key factor, as negativity can influence the outcome. Avoid testing the medium and limit information sharing during the reading. After the mediumship segment, feel free to share details and let the medium guide the session. Acknowledge that evidence may involve another departed loved one, and help the medium by providing  recognition. Experience the healing nature of mediumship readings, recommended after at least 6 months, offering relief to clients and bringing peace of mind. 

Grief encompasses a range of emotions, including sadness, guilt, anger, fear, lack of security, and suffering. If you sense that you are grappling with any form of trauma, I encourage you to consult with a licensed therapist before seeking my support. I am here to be a valuable member of your care team, dedicated to addressing both your emotional and spiritual needs.

Gail has such a warm and loving energy she immediately put me at ease. She gave me proof numerous times that she was connected to a deceased family member, and the channeled messages Gail brought through, plus the Angel cards that she selected, were perfect. The situation I was in was resolved exactly as Gail said it would be, and the reading gave me peace and much relief. I’m so grateful I found Gail and I highly recommend her services to anyone in need.

Cathy Wieden

Owner Positive Beauty and Reiki Master

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