What is cord cutting?

Did you know you can remove and clear negative thought patterns with a technique known as Cord Cutting? There are so many benefits for having a clearing or a cord cutting session or learning how to do this technique for yourself.

As energy beings here on the earth, we have cords that look like tree trunks attached to our etheric body or our aura. Even though we can’t see them, they affect us in many ways.

Imagine tree trunks as thought forms which are mainly negative. These thought forms will hang in your energetic field weighing you down emotionally and sometimes physically until you remove them.

I can always tell myself when I need to clear and cut my cords. The main sign is how I feel and for how long I have been angry, upset or depressed. Imagine a bad mood that won’t go away.

Another thing that happens when we cut cords is we clear and align the Chakras which are energy centers up the base of the spine.

For most of us, we are rooted in our negative thought patterns. These patterns can dull our Chakras and cause them to be out of alignment. During a clearing session, aligning the Chakras and seeing where they are out of balance is a necessary step toward a healthy aura.

An emotional trigger will happen every time your thoughts are negative. When the thought pops back into your mind, Archangel Michael will always remove them when you ask. Sometimes you have to keep asking especially if you keep thinking of the same issue.

Don’t worry any cords involving love will remain intact.

Another important aspect to cord cutting is the maintenance plan. As I stated earlier, Archangel Michael will always cut the cords every time we ask.

Then how come we find ourselves thinking about that same charged issue or story once again?

This is normal. It is best to keep asking in prayer for Archangel Michael to cut the cord each and every time we find our selves concentrating on it. Over time the thought pattern will cease to exist and will no longer cause us any grief.

As you practice this technique you will find that you will transform your thoughts into positive bursts of inspiration and you will spend less time worrying.

You were put here on earth to be, do and create. When you change your thought pattern in this way you are allowing for joy to be your new normal. I would love to get your feedback as you practice the technique of cord cutting.

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