This year has witnessed several significant and ongoing global events, including two major conflicts involving Ukraine and Russia, as well as the situation between Israelis and Palestinians. A noteworthy event that had a direct impact on our family was the Lahaina fire in Maui. Given my husband’s ties to Lahaina, we were deeply concerned about his family and their well-being, despite the geographical distance that left us feeling powerless. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play a pivotal role on the world stage. How are we to effectively process these circumstances in our minds? It has become clear to me that the capacity to attune to my intuition and to engage with my psychic awareness is critical during times like these. Using one’s intuition is very empowering in troubling times. We will explore this topic in the blog.

Using my psychic skills to perceive, hear, see, understand, or sense serves as a stabilizing and grounding force during times of extreme upheaval or in situations marked by apparent chaos and constant flux. As a teenager, I often faced difficulties adapting to change, coupled with a deficiency in tuning into my intuition and recognizing the subtle cues of my inner self. Regrettably, my inability to possess this skill during my earlier years left me in a perpetual state of anxiety.

In December 2019, I volunteered regularly at a local Catholic retreat center. One day, I found myself seated in the office manager’s workspace, with a clear view down a lengthy hallway. It was during this moment that I experienced a profound intuition or premonition—whichever term you prefer to use. With my inner eye, I perceived a procession of sisters, each dressed in attire from the period in which they had passed away. This vision was accompanied by a crystal-clear message that abruptly entered my thoughts: “Prepare yourself.” Subsequently, the world witnessed the onset of lockdowns and the emergence of the pandemic.

Fast forward to the present day. Recently, I had another profound premonition, and unfortunately, the tragic events of this month unfolded in Israel, affecting our brothers and sisters. Rather than offering a simple quote or a blog post on the significance of intuition, I’d like to emphasize the critical importance of honing one’s intuition to safeguard oneself from potential harm. It’s crucial to recognize that every individual possesses innate psychic and intuitive abilities, an inherent part of our being, which serves as a channel for our soul’s communication. Intuition guides us, providing comfort and enabling sound decision-making, ultimately keeping us on the right course in life.

 In times of uncontrollable catastrophic events, we possess the means to turn inward and connect with the profound “I AM” presence that lives within each of us. Despite differences in race, color, religious beliefs, or affiliations, we are inherently linked, sharing a bond through the divine presence of a unifying force. Often, our analytical minds are inundated with negative thoughts, fueling our perceptions and beliefs, and perpetuating a cycle of rumination. However, it’s essential to understand that it doesn’t have to be this way. Developing your intuition can be your superpower during times of global upheaval, acting as a guiding beacon, a source of stability, and a means to make well-informed decisions about your life. It serves as a powerful reminder that we, as humans, are united in the likeness of our Divine Creator, whose energetic essence lives within each one of us, binding us as a single human collective.

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