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Why should you develop your intuition?

(Kristina was a student in the group picture that you are looking at. She is located second from left. I am on the far right.)

Here is what she felt about the class when it was over, ” I’m so excited to have completed my intuition development course this week✨ I did my first mediumship reading last night and it was such an amazing experience…❤️ I’ve always known I had the ability to do this, but it took a while for me to trust myself and take the plunge to finally focus on it We all need to believe in ourselves and trust our own intuition more…Big thanks to @psychicmediumgail for arranging such an amazing class. I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me! Aw thanks so much, Gail. It’s been such an amazing experience!” ☺️

Kristina Dow

Now more than ever it is essential for you to learn to control your intuition. When you are at the correct stage in life developing your intuition will relieve suffering, enable you to make sound decisions, and hear your soul’s guidance.

Communicating with your angels, spirit guides and the divine creator is the key to solving any problem you face in life. Once you learn the proper technique and tools to develop this skill, you will be on your way to experiencing peace of mind. Life is a series of decisions and when you are able to use your intuition, trust, and know you are on the right path a feeling of ease will wash over you.


I personally use my intuition to make all my decisions that impact my life.

When you take this class you will be able to: 

  • trust in your own guidance 
  • activate your intuitive muscle
  • use your intuition to benefit yourself
  • figure out how to use your psychic senses 
  • Learn that Divine Energy is all love. 

One of my students told me, “My emotional pain has diminished a lot and I was suffering before starting this class. I feel like I have let go of most of it.” 

I have been there myself and my intuition guides me on my path daily.  I can give you countless examples where my intuition has helped me. One example is 2011 when I had cancer- I knew right away by checking with my higher self that I was going to be ok and my journey shifted to focus on healing.  I am proud to report I remain cancer-free.

As you develop your intuition you will live life on your own terms, and gain more confidence and peace of mind!

How this class works:

  • Date:  TBD we will work out a time suitable for you and me.
  • Please see my terms and conditions page regarding refunds and rescheduling.
  • Location: Zoom
  • Course Duration: Five Weeks
  • Once you book the class I will provide you with the zoom link and the materials.

Students will learn:

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • An overview of the Chakras (this can be modified if you are already comfortable with the energy centers)
  • Discuss why you don’t necessarily need the Chakras for psychic or mediumship work.
  • Practice Exercises
  • Homework

Week 2

  • Preparing to do psychic work.
  • Starting your meditation practice
  • Touch on the ego and how you can tell the difference that you are receiving psychic information for the highest and best good
  • Learning to work from a place of love in the heart space
  • Homework

Week 3

  • Are you clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient
  • Identifying psychic properties
  • Working with the psychic receptors
  • Practice & homework

Week 4

  • Work on developing your Clair properties starting with the hearing & the vision psychic receptor area
  • Opening your intuition & feeling or knowing the receptor area
  • Practice & homework

Week 5

  • Visualization Exercise for all the psychic senses. 
  • Practice with angel cards and psychometry (If there is time this will be introduced. This is an advanced principle and will be in the next class)
  • Plus, ethics and suggestions for further study & resources
  • Graduation and certificate of completion from the class

I love how I saw your flyer for your angel circle in the window at the local market. I knew I had to come to the angel circle. once you told me in the reading that I was very intuitive myself that resonated with me. since we don’t live by any schools that teach intuition for daily living or psychic development, I was so pleased when you tole me you would work with me. I have throughly enjoyed this class and I am so excited to be on this journey with you Gail.

Mona Gupta


“I had suffered a great deal of losses in a short amount of time, which seemed to catapult me into a major spiritual awakening. I was overwhelmed and confused by visions and dreams and synchronicities that I just couldn’t explain. Gail was recommended to me as a safe and gentle teacher who would help move me from point A to point B. And she did just that! Gail listened to me and could tailor her teachings to meet my needs. Gail will help you recognize and trust your spiritual gifts! 5 stars.”  

— Carolyn Fillard


 Gail is a compassionate, intelligent, and warm soul.  I highly recommend her class in Intuition Development.  It will truly open a whole new and peaceful world for you with her guidance.  Thank you so much, Gail

Julie Marth

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