Classes Forming Now

This class is five weeks and is designed for students who have completed Intuition Development 101.

If you have not taken intuition development 101 you must be cleared by the instructor to take 102.

You Will Learn…


  • How do you know when your Intuition is doing the talking vs. your ego?
  • Intuition and the higher self, how to ask questions from the universe and beyond.
  • Using your intuition to make sound decisions in your life.
  • Connecting with our spirit guides including deceased loved ones vs angels, guides and teachers
  • What are the differences between working psychically and mediumistically
  • Beyond the 7 earthbound Chakras.
  • Establishing a dialogue with spirit including identification & connection, relaying evidence from spirit or deceased loved ones and bring through the message.
  • Exercises practice and mediation with each class.

How this class works:

There are no refunds but I will offer makeup classes if you miss a class.



Dates & times will be determined based on my schedule and yours.

We will use Zoom as our online classroom. Once you book the class we will schedule the time and I will provide you with the zoom link and the materials.

A testimonial from another student, ” I’m so excited to have completed my intuition development course this week✨ I did my first mediumship reading last night and it was such an amazing experience…❤️ I’ve always known I had the ability to do this, but it took a while for me to trust myself and take the plunge to finally focus on it We all need to believe in ourselves and trust our own intuition more…Big thanks to @psychicmediumgail for arranging such an amazing class. I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me! Aw thanks so much, Gail. It’s been such an amazing experience!” ☺️

Kristina D.

I love how I saw your flyer for your angel circle in the window at the local market. I knew I had to come to the angel circle. Once you told me in the reading that I was very intuitive myself that resonated with me. Since we don’t live by any schools that teach intuition for daily living or psychic development, I was so pleased when you told me you would work with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and I am so excited to be on this journey with you Gail.

Mona G.

Please Note: I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist, psychotherapist, etc. If you are experiencing extreme trauma, suicidal thoughts, extreme eating or drinking disorders, or any type of serious mental health issue, please see a licensed professional immediately. My sessions and card readings are a form of Spiritual Healing and Consulting. They do not claim to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor are they intended to prescribe in any way. No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

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