In a world dominated by our analytical minds, the subtle aspects of intuition development often are completely ignored. Intuition serves as our inner compass, offering insights and perspectives beyond the reach of our conscious thought. Intuition Development can lead us to better decision-making, enhanced creativity, and a deeper connection with our soul’s wisdom. We will discuss why it is important to use your intuition to enhance your everyday life.

Our Intuition

Intuition is often described as the ability to understand or know something through our psychic senses. It’s that “gut feeling” or “hunch” that arises seemingly out of nowhere. Intuition is rooted in the vast amount of information our subconscious mind processes that we might not be immediately aware of.

Benefits of Developing Intuition

  • Decision-making: Intuitive insights can guide us toward decisions that put us on the correct path.
  • Creativity: Intuition allows us to see things that the conscious mind hasn’t realized, leading to innovative ideas.
  • Improved Relationships: Tuning into your intuition can make you more empathetic and attuned to the emotions of others, enriching your interpersonal relationships.
  • Reduced Stress: Intuition can help you expect challenges or opportunities, providing a sense of preparedness and reducing anxiety about the unknown.
  • Self-Discovery: Intuition often draws from our subconscious thoughts and desires. Exploring your intuition can lead to a deeper understanding of your true self.

Cultivating Intuition

  • Practice Mindfulness: Intuition thrives in a mind that is calm and present. Engage in mindfulness meditation or other grounding practices to quiet the mental noise and create space for intuition to emerge.
  • Listen to Your Body: Our bodies often hold intuitive cues. Pay attention to how your body responds in different situations. A tense feeling might show caution, while a sense of ease could signal alignment.
  • Keep track of your dreams. Write them down as soon as you wake up. Dreams are a gateway to the subconscious and can offer valuable insights.
  • Engage in Creative Activities or go outdoors: Activities like painting, gardening, writing/journaling, playing a musical instrument or walking and hiking can help bypass the analytical mind and allow intuitive thoughts to surface.  
  • Trust Yourself: Doubt, rumination, and overthinking can stifle intuition. Learn to trust your instincts, even if they don’t seem to make logical sense immediately.
  • Ask Intuitive Questions: When faced with a decision, ask yourself the question and then let go. The answer might not come immediately, but your intuition will eventually lead you to the answer in Divine timing.
  • Developing intuition is a journey unique to everyone. It requires patience, practice, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. Just as an athlete trains their body, you can train your mind to tap into your higher self. As you cultivate your intuition, you’ll make choices that are more aligned with your authentic self and navigate life’s complexities with greater clarity.


In a world overflowing with information and opinions, nurturing your intuition provides a precious tool for making sense of it all. Embracing intuition doesn’t mean discarding your analytical mind or rational thought rather, it’s about integrating insight into your decision-making process. By embarking on this journey of intuition development, you open yourself up to a richer, more harmonious connection with yourself and the world around you. CNN published an article about athletes using their intuition to perfect their skills. It supports the benefits of using our innate abilities every day.

The author of this blog is Gail Serna. Gail is an evidential medium, psychic, and intuition development mentor teacher. To learn more about her classes and programs please see her website:

Embrace your intuition and your psychic senses.

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