Do you trust that your intuition is talking to you and trying to tell you something important or do you doubt that your intuitive voice is speaking to you? Are you constantly second guessing your decision or afraid of making the wrong one? This is a common occurrence when a person is just opening up to their psychic awareness. This skill can be developed in your daily life.

By learning to change your focused awareness through your breath, tuning into your mind, and using your body as your psychic navigator, you can develop your intuition to help you move forward on your path.

I see the breath as one’s set point. By breathing deep in through your nose and out through your mouth or belly breathing, you can calm your nervous system down to where you are much more relaxed. Let’s say you’re trying to decide on a personal matter in your life. Take some deep breaths and have the issue you’re trying to solve in your mind. Now see how you feel in your gut. Your stomach is going to feel tense or relaxed. Allow this feeling to be your gauge of what you should do. This is an example of how we use our bodies to help us with our intuition.

Have you ever experienced a time when you thought a loved one in spirit was around you? Or perhaps a thought popped into your head that was divinely inspired and you still questioned the message? This is common when you first learn to trust your intuition. Once you have more faith and learn what is happening, receiving information from Spirit, or perceiving psychic communication will become easier.

The only way I know to develop this innate skill is to practice. Now everyone can use their intuition in their daily life, but that doesn’t mean that you will be a professional psychic medium. Think of it this way: in my case, I can’t sing. I can appreciate listing to music and like to sing along for my enjoyment, but I would never aspire to be a professional musician. You can look at your intuition development in the same way. Start out just learning to use it in your life and you will know if you have what it takes to do more with it.

As a guiding teacher or mentor, I can help you with this in 5 weeks. For more information, please click on the link and if you still have more questions, please send me a message through my website or book a reading.

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