I am teaching intuition development currently and it is a bright spot in my week. Preparing the lessons, seeing my students flourish, and grow brings a smile to my face. Teaching people to develop their intuition is my life’s purpose. As I listened to our Zoom recording, I heard myself tell my student, “I am crazy about this stuff, meaning the Intuitive Arts or Intuitive Thought. I cannot get enough of it.”

For me, using my intuition changed my life.

In school, academics and traditional left-brain subjects never came easily to me. The rigors of instruction required the use of one’s memory. As my psychic skills grew, I realized intuitive thinking didn’t require memorization.

My skill and ability to channel, perform mediumship, receive spiritual guidance, and my psychic senses flourished. I did not feel like I had to struggle to understand basic concepts, since there was no memory recall involved.

Sitting in the power.

Meditation and visualization exercises are the cornerstones of intuition development. Some refer to it as sitting in the power or building your own power. This is how one’s relationship forms. My students gain an understanding that we are made of love from our Divine Creator. You will feel this love as you work on understanding your psychic intuition. I must admit at first practicing meditation regularly wasn’t easy. Once I saw the benefits of it and how my intuitive abilities improved, I turned it into a regular habit, and I welcome the opportunity to meditate daily.

Are you at a spiritual crossroads in your life?

Many people realize they want to develop their intuition because they are reevaluating their beliefs in God and what they learned as a child no longer makes sense to them. Often their dreams are more vivid, and they notice the synchronicities in their life. One of the biggest signs is that they feel their relationships are shifting when it is they themselves who are changing. One reason could be that a major life event occurred.

The Intuition Development Mentorship Program is designed to help you exercise your psychic muscle, navigate your spiritual journey, connect to your soul’s guidance with your breath, and take comfort in trusting your psychic senses.

As a mentor teacher, I prefer to work individually with you. I offer two formats.  In the five-week class, we will cover the mechanics of developing your intuition, practice, and meditation exercises.

However, let’s say you are like many of my students who are familiar with energy since they are Reiki Masters/healers but need to count on their intuition. Consider the 3-month mentorship deep dive program. Once you learn the mechanics of how to use your psychic senses and hear your intuition, then practice and focus exercises will help you trust this right-brain activity.

If you’re still uncertain as to whether you should begin developing your intuition the unlimited benefits include:

  • Encourage more joy and peace in life
  • Tap into your creative centers
  • Make sound decisions
  • Gain clarity about your path
  • Minimize stress
  • Hear From Your Spirit Support Team
  • Learn to interpret your own dreams.
  • Deepen your relationship with your higher self.

As you develop your psychic senses, your soul will begin speaking to you. There is so much wisdom to gain. Reach out to me and we can talk further to see if the class or the mentorship program is the right fit.

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