During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to develop, trust, and lean on your psychic intuition. There are many tools a person can use to sense one’s intuition, including prayer/meditation, setting up an altar/God box, and reflecting on your relationship with God/Divine Creator.

When I think back to my journey, prayer and eventually meditation are how I learned to change my focus from my ego’s thoughts and hear my psychic intuition.

A good time to pray is right before you get out of bed and start your day. State your intentions and think of sending love throughout your life. I like to use color and my favorite is “the Pink Sea of Love.” I send the Pink Sea of Love to groupings of people including work, clients, home, family, and surround my car, etc.

As for meditation, when I first started, I found a meditation group in my area that met weekly at a local church. I went often and enjoyed experiencing sitting within my power or stillness. Going out into nature became a much-needed break from my busy day. I noticed when I was walking or hiking it was easier for me to switch my focus from my busy thoughts in my mind. 

Depending on what my goal is, when I meditate, I enjoy sitting at my altar or falling asleep in my meditation chair. Sitting at my altar meant I was trying to solve a problem in my life. If I took a nap, it was to relax but also reach a dream state where I would remember what had happened and could capture it in a journal. Dreams are always a window into your soul. There is a message there for you to figure out. Or use a meditation app. The app I prefer is Insight Timer and headphones heighten the experience as well. This is one of my personal favorites. Sometimes I look for a visualization exercise that is only a few minutes long. The length of time one meditates for is not important. Starting the habit and doing it at the same time each day is.

As you learn to implement any one of these approaches, ask yourself about your own relationship when you sense, feel, or see the Divine Creator/God?

I have heard clients tell me when they think of God they see Jesus, angels, Allah, Lakshmi, Buddha, a light, nature, even a body of water. This concept is different for each one of us. Some of us are influenced by our religious upbringing or by an experience we had in our lives, leading us to know God.

This question is critical to explore and defining this for yourself is helpful to deepen your relationship. Were you taught to fear God? If this is the case, the notion of fear is a false sense of the role God plays in our lives. Or perhaps, like myself, I was raised with no belief in the Divine. It took going down my spiritual journey to figure it all out. 

This blog is written from the Metaphysical point of view.

This means your relationship with God is up to you to foster and the deepening process starts with prayer. It’s not about what a religious official will tell you or even the bible. I know this can be controversial, but God’s wisdom is in all of us. This aspect is known as the higher self or oversoul and is where your intuition is the strongest.

Along with prayer, I created an altar in my house. My first one was a fold-out table with a tablecloth. (It’s important to note all the things I used I had lying around my house. I bought nothing new.) I put some crystals, a picture of Jesus, a flower and I made a god box. It functions similarly to a vision board. Inside the box are notes I wrote to myself with the date on each one. The notes comprised the qualities of what I wanted to manifest in my life. I looked back on the notes a year later and realized everything was progressing as I had hoped it would. It was eye-opening to witness this pattern.

Prayer/meditation, creating an altar/using a god box are all wonderful tools to help jumpstart one’s intuition. Using any of the combinations will help you hear your soul’s voice speaking to you. However, these tools alone are not enough. Learning about the foundation of psychic development, along with the practice, is key.

Are you interested in taking a class about the Mechanics of Psychic Development?

This class is designed for the student to adopt the concepts in their routine. Or perhaps you are looking to become a professional psychic medium/intuitive healer? I am a mentor teacher and enjoy working one on one or in a group. My three-month program will include intuition development channeling and mediumship. People take this intensive if they are ready to dive deep into the intuitive arts and are already healers and reiki practitioners/masters but want to hear their intuition when they are working with their own clients. I have many testimonials on my website from happy students’ feedback. Reach out to me for more information: info@soulscollective.com

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