When I made this graphic, I visualized a farm. A farmer’s job takes commitment, time, challenging work, and energy. If this character in the graphic were a real person, I imagine him as loving his life, enthusiastic about the land, and being outdoors. Everyone has a soul’s purpose. Here, the farmer’s livelihood is his calling.

Remember beloved Betty White? She was an actor, and that is how she earned a living. It would seem to me that acting was not her passion in life. She used her platform as an actor to bring awareness to her soul’s purpose, which was animal rights. Being an actor served her well as it allowed her to get her message out to a broader audience, speak her truth, and she was effective at fundraising. See where this is going? Betty had a career that allowed her to continue on with her soul purpose. While the farmer’s purpose was his daily activity. So do not get the two confused.

Sometimes a person’s soul’s purpose is a work in progress:

When I was shopping at my local grocery store, I needed to buy flowers. I went to the floral department and there was a most helpful young lady. The salesperson was knowledgeable about all the flowers and varieties. I could tell she was a florist. We got to talking, and I thanked her for giving me such helpful information. She was only working this job temporarily while she could get the funding together to open her own online flower shop. Her day job at the market was only temporary. There is nothing wrong with taking a job that may not be your ideal scenario while you are working on your dreams.

Consider this:

  • Are you happy with your current job or lifestyle?
  • What things are you interested in and care deeply about?
  • How is your life is going?
  • What changes would you make?
  • What motivates you?
  • What skills come easily to you?

How can you remember your true soul’s essence?

Take notes when you have dreams. When we dream, our subconscious is trying to talk to us. Have a dream journal by your bed and as soon as you wake up and realized you were dreaming, jot down whatever you can remember about it. Do it quickly, as you will not remember it for long. Also, what you write can be brief. Describe your dream in only one or two sentences. Besides capturing what you can about your dreams, take a moment to journal about your skills, talents, and abilities. Contemplate what you are good at and what brings you joy. Chances are that this is your soul’s calling.

How the Universe will Get Your Attention:

Be aware of the universe’s signs, symbols, and synchronicities which will guide you accordingly. Along the way, listen and do not miss out when opportunities present themselves. Have the faith, determination, and courage to branch out and decide what you are interested in. Do the steps necessary to make the achievement become a reality. I can remember learning about my past lives and having a clear understanding that I have been a healer, a good witch, and a psychic from incarnation to incarnation. I remember uncovering countless scenarios by practicing meditation, journaling about my dreams, and strengthening my intuition. Consider taking a beginning course to start off.

As your self-discovery of your soul’s purpose becomes clear, your life will take on a new meaning of service to others and allow you to fulfill your own longings. It is worth it to spend time on these valuable processes that I have outlined. Reach out to me and book a reading and we can explore your soul’s purpose on a more intimate level.

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