When the world seems as if it is out of control, the one thing we have influence over is our own mindset. Using self-care tools and strategies is one way you can change your focus from those annoying negative thoughts.

Here are some examples of self-care:

  • Prayer work, including visualization and grounding exercises
  • Meditation
  • Walking/Hiking in Nature
  • Hobbies: art/painting, ceramics, gardening, yoga, tennis, martial arts
  • Massage/facial/taking a bath
  • Lunch with a friend
  • Talking on the phone
  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Driving to the beach and watching the sunset
  • Exercise class/gym

 Are there any you know of that are not on my list? What are they? Which ones do you actively engage in? I notice people who love to paint or do pottery are never bored as an example. Or people who frequently go into nature seem to be happier.

Why is a self-care routine important when it comes to developing your intuition?

One way to change your focus is to practice your self-care routine daily. Many clients tell me they have trouble meditating, so instead, a good way to connect to your soul is to tap into your seat of power through any of the recommendations listed above. This is where your intuition lies. When we are immersed in something other than our ego, we are more likely to make a divine connection. Our soul is the true essence of who we are as a people.

Need help to integrate and develop your self-care routine and your intuition?

In my intuition development mentoring classes and programs, I will teach you to develop your intuition and help you with your self-care regime. Learn to reach beyond the five senses, so you can live a richer, more sensory life. You will learn to change your focus by using these self-care tools and by engaging in a special breathing technique.

What’s New:

I have discounted my 30-minute session. It is now 25% off, and there are limited appointments available. Once you register for a class or a reading, I will be notified, and we can schedule from there. I really enjoy using these sessions for Mediumship but will also use the time for psychic readings as well. Clients book my sessions when they need clarity regarding their life or to help them make an empowered decision about which direction they should take.

If you have questions about my intuition development, mentorship programs, readings, or spiritual counseling sessions, reach out to me through my website www.soulscollective.com

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