There is more going on than what we can see with our naked eyes. A primary example of this is when one is consumed with one’s thoughts and completely emersed in ego. We cannot see the multitude of other dimensions and alternate realities that exist beyond what we can physically see. Despite what you may or may not think, fairies are beings that exist beyond our psychical plane, and we can see them as we develop our psychic senses. They help with our gardens, plants, trees, and flowers. As invisible helpers, (at least to us) their purpose is to cultivate and nurture mother nature. When we open ourselves up to our intuition there is only love. Many people are fearful of this but our intuitive nature is based on love. So there is nothing to fear. Any other idea is a false perception of what is available to us.

One way you can see a fairy is to develop your psychic senses, which is the basis of developing your intuition. When I first was going down my journey, I saw things in my third eye (which meant my psychic sense of seeing was developing) I remember how thrilling it was to stumble upon images and symbols that were being made aware to me as I quieted my mind to shift my focus. My psychic skills that laid dormant were becoming more and more available to me to use at my discretion. I remember the first time I sensed a Fairy and could feel their loving and nurturing presence under the shady tree in front of my house. I felt so much joy when I realized that this magical creature wasn’t just make-believe.

As you tend to your own imagination, these types of pictures will become known to you. If you would like to explore your intuition and feel you are on a spiritual journey and are interested in talking with someone who understands, consider booking a session.

Psychic Senses and a Fairy

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