Thank you for your interest in The Three Amigos FREE Student Mediumship Demonstration. This is a free event since my partners, and I are taking a class where we are learning how to do Mediumship Demonstrations in front of a larger audience. So please keep that in mind when you attend our event. We are not new to studying the Art of Mediumship, and the three of us feel like this class is the next step on our journey. So we are excited and pleased to have the opportunity of providing you with a safe and healing environment to practice Mediumship.

There are things you should know to make our time together successful.

Mediumship tries to prove that the soul is eternal and has moved on in a different form in Heaven. As an Evidential Medium, I will bring through information or evidence that you will recognize in the Spirit Communicator or deceased loved one. This information can be anything about the person’s life on earth, such as personality, what they looked like, a memory they want to share about their life together, etc. We are not doing psychic readings tonight. This is purely evidential mediumship. You, as the sitter or audience member, should be able to recognize at least 80 to 85% of the information.

To have the best experience, I ask you to listen closely and not leave your computer screen, as the medium is making the connection. In fact, taking notes is recommended on your end. Make sure and turn your phone on silent. When I am working, I remember little. Have an open mind. In fact, we as mediums do not control Spirit. Spirit usually makes themselves known based on an experience they had in their life that they need to heal from. If you are the one that the medium is working with, give us only three responses, including yes know and I do not know. Keep the storytelling at a minimum.

Sometimes names come through and the name will be based on how the medium hears the name. So we will say the name sounds like… However, it may not be an exact match. Also, if you cannot take the evidence or information, it means Spirit may reference someone in the living. I will do my best as the medium to figure out who I am with and go from there, but if you are aware of who Spirit is talking about, feedback, in this case, is helpful.

If you are skeptical, the demonstration will not go smoothly. It takes three to have an excellent experience, including the openness of the sitter or audience members, the medium, and the Spirit Communicator.

Not everyone who attends will receive a reading:

Relax, have fun, and know that if you do not have a reading during the event, do not feel bad or disappointed. Often Spirit comes through together, and it is up to the medium to determine what audience member we are with. So if you can take the same information, then your loved one in spirit is present too. Remember to relax and enjoy the experience and allow yourself to be open to the notion that the Soul is eternal.

To attend the event:

Please subscribe to my email newsletter found on the homepage of my website. You will be given a welcome email with the Zoom Link. If you do not get the welcome email check your junk or spam folders and add me as a contact. I send out a weekly newsletter that is informative and will teach you something about intuition development mediumship or psychic skills.

Time and day:

Join us Monday, October 3, 2022, we will start at 7:30 PM EST and 4:30 PM PST. Our moderator will lock the Zoom Room at 7:35 PM EST, so get there a little early if you can.

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