What happens to your loved one after they make their transition to Heaven? As an Evidential Medium doing readings and participating in training recently, I have learned a few things about this process. I realize this may be controversial and my viewpoint has changed over the years. To begin with, the Soul is surrounded by love and does not suffer once it has left the body. There is always someone they know in Spirit waiting to greet and assist in a smooth transition.

It is true that our loved ones have knowledge of current situations that are happening to us, memories of past events, and will often have an understanding of things that they could have done differently. They communicate with us from the other side through our psychic senses using what I call telepathy. Spirit is also very adept at sending us signs, and symbols, setting up synchronistic events in our lives, and contacting us in our dreams. Their personality, characteristics, and demeanor are recognizable to the Medium in a reading. What has changed for them is their form, new perspective, and understanding of the bigger picture. Also, they are given an opportunity to seek healing, counseled by their loving guides, and learn from their experiences on Earth. Often, they are reflecting on what they might have done differently and deciding what comes next.

A common message I get when I am in a Mediumship Reading is that the Soul who transitioned is not suffering and is at peace. I see so many clients who feel that there was something more they could have done regarding their loved one who made their transition. Another person has no say when it’s time for our friends or relatives to pass on.

I used to have a belief that there was evil energy, earthbound energy, and some spirits would not make their transition, which is what ghosts are. There is no such thing as evil where Spirit lives. There is, however, evil on Earth based on free will choices and the different directions humans choose for themselves. I realize those of you who read this will feel this goes against religious teachings and argue this cannot be. But think about it, not only does the entertainment industry overdramatize ghosts and evil but religious teachings interpreted by man are then used to control and promote fear among the living.

Having a better understanding of what happens will hopefully ease your mind. It did mine. After I allowed myself to think about energy from a completely different viewpoint, I began to relax and see everything in a different light, which allowed more love to flow into my life, ease my fear and suffering.

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