Let’s dive into Mediumship and explore some of those myths. So, you’ve heard that Mediums can talk to dead people, right? It’s a pretty fascinating concept, but there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about it. Let’s dig in and separate fact from fiction.

Is Mediumship like Making a Phone Call?

Mediums can’t simply dial up the deceased like a phone call to the afterlife. It’s more nuanced than that. While I can’t summon your great-aunt Mildred on command, mediumship operates on vibrational awareness, prioritizing healing over control. Spirit significantly influences what manifests in a session. Alongside the Customer/Sitter and the Deceased Loved One/Spirit, the Medium’s energy is pivotal. If the Sitter harbors negativity or skepticism, it can compromise the session’s energy and accuracy. Similarly, if the Medium is fatigued or unwell, it can affect the reading’s quality.

Are Mediums Superhuman?

And here’s another misconception to address some believe Mediums possess superhuman abilities. However, being a Medium involves sensing, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, and knowing details or evidence about the deceased loved one that the Sitter can recognize or understand. These abilities aren’t physical senses, but psychic ones employed by the Medium.

Can Anyone Become a Medium or a Psychic?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Being a Medium is not something everyone’s naturally wired for. It takes commitment, training, and really getting in tune with the spirit world. Think of it like singing–not everyone’s born a natural, but with dedication and practice, you can improve your skills.

Do Mediums Communicate with Evil Spirits?

That’s a common fear, but most Mediums work with guides and loved ones who have crossed over, not malevolent entities. It’s more about connecting with positive energy than anything else. From my personal standpoint, I hold the belief that the whereabouts of our deceased loved ones are encompassed by love entirely.

Vibrational Awareness:

Vibrational awareness refers to the sensitivity and attunement to different energetic frequencies. Mediumship involves the ability to shift focus to allowing mediums to connect with the energies of the deceased and receive messages from them. During psychic readings, they tune into clients’ vibes, feelings, and what’s up with their future or worries they have in this earthly realm.

Can Mediumship Foster Healing?

Can it really bring comfort and closure to people who are grieving? Absolutely. While some may see it as mere entertainment, for many, it’s a deeply healing experience to connect with a loved one who has passed on.

So, what’s the deal with timing? Should you see a medium right after someone passes? Well, there’s no straight answer to that. Some folks find comfort in reaching out to spirits soon after a loss, while others need more time to cope. It totally depends on the person and what feels right for them. It’s usually best to give yourself at least a minimum of six months to grieve before seeking a medium. It’s not a great idea to dive into that if you’re still wrestling with your emotions. So, there you have it—some common myths debunked, and a clearer picture of what Mediumship is all about. This practice is both intriguing and often misunderstood, yet it has the potential to bring profound healing and connection to those who come to understand that their beloved is in a transformed state.

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