Although the process is different for everyone there are key experiences that seem to be more common.  My training in Mediumship has taught me that death is an extension of the soul’s spiritual journey or evolution.  When we are born our soul is housed in a human body. So when we die the form changes once again.

A few things you should know:

1. When we pass on there is no suffering. Believe it or not, there is more suffering when we are born through the birth canal of the mother’s womb.
2. It is the soul’s choice to go into the light.
3. In most cases the transition occurs gracefully even if the body is suffering.
4. Sometimes if the soul is confused at the time of death, they may remain earthbound and require a medium to cross them over.
5. Once in the light other deceased relatives who have passed over are there to greet the soul.
6. Then the soul goes into their life’s review which is very healing and nonjudgmental.
7. Along with the soul’s spirit support team and council a new transition will occur again either to earth for another incarnation or to any other realm.

So there is no need to feel guilty or suffer when the soul transitions. It has nothing to do with those left behind. Only the higher self has a complete understanding of the process.

Be at peace, move on with your life, and the deceased have no use for their belongings. Sell them or donate but don’t keep them if you think that is what the deceased would have wanted.

A Mediumship reading can be just the thing to provide loved ones with peace of mind. To learn more about what to expect during a Mediumship reading please see the page on my website titled: Grief

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