Evidential Mediumship’s main goal is to show that the deceased lives on in a different form after they make their transition to heaven.

“In an Evidential Mediumship Reading, Spirit just wants to be acknowledged for the sake of healing on both the Sitter’s side and the Spirit Communicator’s. Each is on its own journey of evolution.” Gail Serna.

There are certain words that need defining from the quote above:

The Sitter refers to the client or the customer who is having the reading. The Spirit Communicator refers to the deceased loved one who is in Spirit. An Evidential Mediumship reading refers to information or evidence that is shared with the Sitter from the Medium on behalf of the Spirit Communicator. There are all types of information or evidence that a Medium can discuss in a reading.

Examples of evidence found in an Evidential Mediumship Reading:

The Sitter is meant to understand what is being conveyed by the Medium. These categories include life experiences, occupation, hobbies, family matters, personality traits, what the person looked like, aspects of how they died, medical conditions, pets, where a person lived, religious preferences, car, and home. Names are also useful sources. Think of what you would want someone else to know about your own life. All these aspects make up a person’s life on Earth.

Is the Sitter truly open or a closet skeptic?

 As Mediums, it is not up to us what Spirit Communicator wants to make themselves known in a session. It is important to note that the spirit communicator is also healing and wants you to understand something about your life to promote peace of mind for both parties and ease suffering.

One time, I had a client who wanted to hear from her deceased son and her high school boyfriend came through instead. He was remorseful for the way he treated her. She appreciated the message since she had trust issues regarding relationships from that time in her life. With this new knowledge, the Sitter could work on her forgiveness and trust issues.

Readings and their Progression:

One main goal of any Mediumship reading is to confirm the Spirit Communicator is indeed in heaven and is no longer suffering. Often, the deceased will share a healing message about a situation in their lives on Earth. Another common theme that happens is the Spirit Communicator will often express a full understanding of what is happening to the Sitter in their current life. Once after my mom died, I had a reading for myself. The Medium told me my mom knew I broke my arm. It just happened a week before the reading.

During a session, a psychic reading is possible as well. A psychic reading receives information from Spirit (or is considered soul-to-soul communication) to help with what direction or decision the client should make in life.

Whatever reason brought you here, I welcome the opportunity to do a reading for you. When you book a session with me, you are paying for my time. You can do anything you choose with the appointment, but I prefer to use the 30-minute readings for Mediumship Sessions.

Let time pass before you have another mediumship session, especially if you want to hear from the same Spirit Communicator. Allow at least six months between your Mediumship sessions.

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