As a psychic medium, there is only one way that I know to connect to the wisdom of my soul. It is through prayer and meditation. Now one thing I would like to mention is there is no right or wrong way to meditate. Starting a meditation practice is not as hard as we make it out to be. Try not to overthink the entire process.

When I was first going down my journey, I got involved in a meditation class and I enjoyed it so much. Since then, I have ventured out on my path and created a sacred space in my house where I show up every day at the same time. I have a comfortable meditation chair and an altar. Sometimes I listen to meditation music or an app I have loaded on my phone. I like the app since I can choose the type of meditation I want and for how long. The key to starting your practice is, to begin with, a short, guided meditation no longer than a minute, to five minutes, and to graduate from there.

My honest-to-goodness favorite way to meditate is to go on a hike and be out in nature. I lose myself in the beauty of it all and it is easy to change my focus away from my thoughts. Therefore, I made this graphic depicting a camping scene. Now you do not need to go camping or hiking. Just taking a walk or going outside will do.

I am curious what is your favorite means of connecting or have you thought about starting a meditation practice and would like more guidance? In my Intuition development classes, this is part of your homework to figure out how to start your prayer and meditation practice. It is individual for everyone. I recommend trying a few styles out before deciding on what works best for you. (There are many assorted styles of meditation). If you keep up your practice, it will evolve over time including the space you create in your home. The main thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the journey along the way.

Are you interested in booking a reading or finding out about an Intuition Development class please see my What to Expect Page for details.

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