This is a channeled message from the SoulsCollective delivered by Gail Serna about the transitional nature of life and how to cope with change.

Hi, we are here dear one. We understand you want us to give a message about transitions. Throughout life, there are going to be many transitions. The first transitions occur with the birth cycle when the soul decides it’s time to have an incarnate life on the earth. Then depending on life and the circumstances and situations that occur more transitions can come into play.

With the volatile nature of the planet, transitions happen when we least expect them, and some are brought on by other humans doing harm to others. This is one of the most painful transitions to accept for families.

Another type of transition is when a loved one becomes ill and the soul decides it’s time to transition from the earth and strip itself of the human form. This transition is known as death.

Many more transitional experiences come into the fold of life. Transitions weave a web or a tapestry in our daily existence. One common transition is when kids grow up and move away from the city where their parents reside. This can be difficult for those left behind but if the bond is strong, love will never die no matter where the soul chooses to live.

One thing transitions all have in common with each other is each individual soul much decide for themselves when they are ready to exit the earth as in death, incarnate on the earth as in birth or relocate away from loved ones to experience life on their own terms.

Our children especially are a gift from the creator and as parents, you don’t own them or have any lock on what they should be doing with their lives.

Allow for the soul to express themselves in their life. For some, they will know what they are meant to do and where they are meant to live. Others may not be as wise with this knowing. But whatever the case the soul should have full autonomy to make these decisions.

If it seems like the soul could be going down the wrong path gently tell the soul, why this is the case as the parent but then allow the soul to come to this full understanding of its life plan. It could be that the soul is meant to experience this disharmony.

As hard as it is for those surrounding the soul or the family unit to stand by and not control the soul, we suggest the autonomy for the soul to make mistakes is paramount. The life lessons that the soul must learn to make an evolutionary leap forward are critical toward future development. In our lifetime as loved ones, we may not have the full scope of understanding of what this is to that said soul.

Much can be learned by praying and the ability to integrate your psychic and your physical senses so that you can communicate with the creator is the key to your inner knowing, sensing, and feeling. However, in this form of a human shell, it may not be known to us why things are the way they are until we are once again a soul.

Have faith, trust, and always have love in your mind brain and heart and things will go much smoother as humans craft their webs of transitions within their life. This is a normal part of being human. Change and transitions make up the very fabric of human existence.

We hope this clarifies the transitional nature of humankind for your dear one and that it makes your own children’s transitions easier to deal with. Watch what you say to them and try and be supportive of their decisions especially if they are sound ones. Even if you feel some of the decisions may not be sound say your opinion and allow the soul to express themselves.

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