2020 will go on record as being one of the most difficult periods of this century. Although the world invariably is experiencing its share of challenges, there are still aspects of your behavior you can manage with a peaceful outlook. God granted us certain tools that we can use to cope with the earth’s ever-changing emotional confusion.

Everyone can harness the magic from deep in our soul. Using these tools listed below can help when practiced regularly. Although these tools may be obvious it is easy to overlook that their connection is truly God-given.  As a disclaimer, if you are experiencing Trauma or PTSD symptoms, then you should seek help from an accredited psychologist before using these tools.

Here is a list of mindset practices our Creator gave us:

  • monitor your mind
  • changing your focus using breathwork
  • visualization and meditation
  • positive affirmation statements
  • forgiveness exercises
  • understanding your relationship with God/prayer
  • integrate all your senses
  • practice allowing as the result

Monitor Your Mind by using Positive Affirmation Statements:

Write a list of toxic experiences and analyze how often you think about them while you are awake. Are you fixated on these experiences?   It takes the willingness to monitor your mind and reframe the damaging content you repeatedly tell yourself. Have you been revisiting the same memory repeatedly? Notice every time you replay these scenarios in your head. Your thoughts are like weeds in a garden that grows exponentially. Pull out those ideas that hold you back as a Gardner would trim the weeds growing out of control.  Use positive affirmation statements to break these toxic over-thinking cycles. One that I adopted is, “I love myself and my higher self loves me.” If you have a mirror handy, you can even stand in front of it and repeat the same phrase.

Changing Your Focus by Using Breathwork:

The key to starting a meditation practice is to focus on your breath and shift your awareness from the ego to your higher consciousness.  When you do this, the loving, gentle, and subtle current of divine love will wash over you and it should feel heavenly.  Every time a thought resurfaces, practice breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth to keep the connection alive.

Visualization, Meditation, and Forgiveness Exercises:

Retrace any harmful experiences in your life. Examine your thoughts and try to find the source or the origin of them through visualization. Then pray for forgiveness. Forgiveness work is meant for you to release your anger and resentment towards a specific person or situation so you can finally release the toxic story that keeps repeating itself.

There are a series of prayer exercises that will help with this. Surrounding yourself with your angels, ask the person figuratively to present themselves to you. This is considered silent higher consciousness prayerful work. Your conscience is talking to the other person’s subconscious. Bathed in love from the divine energy communicate clearly what you are bothered about.

Next, visualize the situation, dissolving, transmuting into love, and going into the light for healing. Imagine you are surrounded by a sea of pink love stemming from the center of your chest engulfing your soul.   Another aspect of this work is to firmly plant your feet into the ground below. I notice my clients spend a lot of time wondering if they are praying and meditating correctly. There is no right or wrong way. The important thing is to make it a habit.

Understanding Your Relationship with God Through Prayer:

I do not follow specific religious teachings, rather I formed my own beliefs through my personal spiritual journey. Through this journey, my steps were clear. I prayed and asked for divine guidance. When I made prayer a consistent part of my routine, I noticed miracles in my life, and this left me feeling happier than I had ever been.  A prayer is a tool that is often overlooked; seek it out and fit prayer into your daily schedules.

Integrate All Your Senses:

During one of my channeling sessions, the Divine Energy known, as the Souls Collective, explained that our true essence is when our psychic and physical senses merge into one cohesive thought. Thinking these senses are separate from one another is an illusion. If your psychic senses are rusty, then developing them will prove to be your biggest ally. It is through the awareness of all your senses that you will make sound decisions, have a clear sense of what your next step is, and experience joy/peace of mind.

Practice Allowing as the Result:

The Souls Collective also pointed out that we need to release control over outcomes. They remind us to pray before acting on a direction and to note how we feel.  If you feel at peace, then proceed. If the situation stresses you out, do more research before solidifying a plan. Imagine you are at the beach and you feel a sense of calm wash over you. Next switch your awareness to driving in traffic. Notice how stressed out you feel. Take a deep breath and think about the question, direction, or situation you are trying to solve in your life. Do you feel calm or anxious in your stomach? Keep adjusting your path based on your emotional sense of it.

Even though we are in such challenging times, if you adapt these God-given tools, use your intuition to ignite a magical existence, and develop a more relaxed mind, then you will live a more balanced life.


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