As I was meditating today, I was given insight into the Coronavirus, the energy behind the virus goes by Corona and is female and earthbound. This earthbound energy is throwing a tantrum of sorts and causing all kinds of havoc for human beings. Imagine a child’s behavior.

After telepathically conversing with Corona (being fully protected by my spirit support team and the Holy Spirit bubble) I proceeded to find out why Corona is infecting the earth at this time.

She said she is mad at her parents and couldn’t get their attention. As I dug deeper, I found out her parents (as she referred to them) are beings that are in the light. Since she is still earthbound, she felt isolated from her soul family.

So finally I asked Corona to stop this irreproachable behavior that she is engaged in and she was willing to transcend into the light to be with her parents once again.

I did get confirmation that she made her transition and within a month we should things on the planet return to normal once again.

This is of course from a spiritual point of view but often I see these types of scenarios play themselves out once the energy is acknowledged for why they are causing the havoc in the first place.

It made me feel better to see the virus from this perspective.

Globally, we are one with each and everything that inhabits our planet. I am not saying this is going to be easy, but we must try and work on our mindset through positive affirmations, meditation, prayer, our psychic/physical senses and whenever possible take action to rectify the situation.

Our Creator didn’t send us to the earth defenseless. Our Creator gave us these tools to help us see more clearly what decisions are the best choice. I feel like the human in Wuhan China that ate the illegally traded wildlife at the seafood market (BBC News) was like Adam and Eve who ate the forbidden fruit. This person who purchased the illegal food source and those that captured it clearly didn’t make a good decision. It affected us on a global level. In an out of control world what we have control over is our own actions and how we view the world around us.

Wishing you Blessings of Health and Peace for you and your loved ones currently.



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