Cathy was feeling miserable after she broke up with her boyfriend of 11 years. How was she to go on? Her thoughts were almost unbearable as she tried to process the loss of her relationship and what it meant to her. Luckily, a good friend referred her to a Spiritual Counselor. Cathy was confused as to what their role was. Basically her friend explained they are not a licensed therapist but can assist a person to see patterns that are not helpful in their life brought on by behavior from childhood. Spiritual Counselors can in most cases relieve suffering once the trauma has been dealt with. So it is best to see a licensed therapist first.

Cathy assumed that positivity is a state of mind. She believed that a person’s thoughts attract certain outcomes in life. While Cathy’s ideas transmit energy, they should not replace the ability to allow for a range of emotions and experiences in her life.

Many people within the spiritual community believe that it is not acceptable to feel the range of one’s emotions. She stopped judging the situation and allowed her feelings to surface instead of controlling the outcome. Even though Cathy’s heart was aching, she knew if she allowed it to occur, she would feel better sooner.

Cathy’s experiences are all unique and each offers their lesson which is important for her soul’s growth. By working with the Spiritual Counselor she reframed her beliefs, identified destructive behavior and core attitudes about men, and worked on monitoring her thoughts.

If one could visualize how are problems manifest themselves, imagine that Cathy’s issues from childhood looked like tree roots or cords that were tightly woven in her energy body or aura. With the ability to change her focus and work with the divine creator she allowed for the cords to be sent up to the light for healing leaving only cords of love. As this experience was taking shape, she could feel that she was finally in alignment and was able to move forward on her path allowing for positive relationships to manifest themselves.

Her ideas about unhealthy relationships formed when she was a young girl. Cathy witnessed her mom and dad’s bitter divorce and she was extremely sensitive. Cathy used her empathic sensitivities to cope with the negative energy in her home.

Cathy lost all trust in her dad. He was not the role model she needed him to be.  Cathy’s mom was her steady parent and unfortunately, she saw her dad one day a week on Sundays.  As Cathy grew up her relationship with her dad was tense.  Since Cathy’s dad was her role model, she also adapted similar issues towards men like her mom.

As in Cathy’s case when she dealt with her unhealthy emotion by processing, understanding, and moving past the trigger points they became less of a disruption on her emotionally. Eventually, she forgave her boyfriend and her dad by practicing prayers of forgiveness. What she learned by forgiving them is that she was not accepting their actions but releasing her suffering.

Ultimately, she wanted more joy in life and to attract a man that was well suited for her in every way. She was able to uncover many limiting thoughts, attitudes, core beliefs, and reframe them. Experiencing the full range of feelings and emotions in her life is how Cathy got started on her healing journey toward happiness and developed a new perspective.

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