The qualities that make up the left brain and the right brain include:

 The left-brain activity is focused on:

• safety and security

• family and relationships

• career

• relocation

• financial issues

 The right brain finds solace in:

• intuition and focus

• imagination

• visualization

• creative aspirations

• soul connection

As you examine the traits listed above, what is familiar to you? Are you focused on issues involving anxiousness, concerns, emotions, and stories your replay over and over in your mind? This scenario paints a picture of someone who spends most of their time in the left brain. So there are things that can be down to switch gears between the left and the right brain.

Use these tools that our Divine Creator gave us to live a more centered life:

1. Monitor your mind.

2. Use positive affirmation statements.

3. Pray and meditate to explore solutions.

4. Pay attention to dreams, synchronicities, repetitive messages.

5. Develop your psychic senses and incorporate them with your physical senses.

6. Change your focus by going out in nature, picking a hobby, or exercising.

The key to living a more joyful life is to gain a handle on the brain drain by monitoring your mind. 

These steps will help you get a foothold on the mental chatter that is relentless.  I always teach in my Intuition Development Programs and classes, to switch gears by making a hearty breath, change your focus and visualize yourself linking up toward heaven to make that divine connection. Although it’s not possible to completely move away from our thoughts, you will be able to quickly learn to adjust and add a sense of calm to your day. In the end, realize that your negative thoughts are not helping and replace them with positive ones. Practicing this awareness will help you change your mindset, lift limiting beliefs that were holding you back and bring more joy to your life on a daily basis. Remember our divine creator gave us these tools to help us have a more satisfying life.

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