What are spiritual laws? The Divine Creator put these, and many more, principles in place. By practicing them, our lives will become richer and more fulfilling. Although the spiritual laws are infinite, we are focusing on seven principles for now. As we expand our awareness, more will become known to us:

  • Live in inner integrity.
  • Use our psychic sense, along with our physical senses, to make decisions.
  • The focus of our thoughts should be on love.
  • Please ourselves first, not others.
  • As we make decisions, sense how we feel about them.
  • A prayerful intention will open our inner dialogue with the Divine Creator.
  • Our higher self is the true moral compass.

Spiritual Laws Explained

  1. Live in inner integrity:

So much of our conditioning is handed down from the generations of relatives that came before us. Many of us learned at an early age to please our parents and our family. We altered our behavior, and we realized that by acting in a certain way, we would be rewarded by our parents. This was confusing for many of us, since we were modeling actions that would please our parents, instead of doing what we wanted to do.

Getting back on track is the key to finding joy and happiness in our daily life and our career. No other human may to control our destiny!

  1. Use our psychic sense, along with our physical senses, to decide:

Have you turned off your psychic senses? Are you only using your physical senses? If you feel anxious in your stomach most of the time, then you need to learn to work with your psychic senses.

Our psychic senses are a mirror reflection of our physical senses.



The List of Psychic Senses are: 

  • Clairvoyance (seeing)
  • Clairaudience (hearing)
  • Clairsentience (feeling)
  • Clairalience (smelling)
  • Clairgustance (tasting)
  • Claircognizance (knowing)

By training our brain to use both our psychic senses and our physical senses, we will clearly understand which path to follow.

Mastering knowing, sensing, and feeling will help us make sound decisions in our lives.

Visualize These Steps:

imagine that you are watching a movie. What senses do you use? Do you hear the words clearly? Do you see the movie screen come to life before your eyes? Or do you automatically sense or feel what is about to happen before it does? By answering these questions, you will determine what your main physical sense is. Think of it in these terms: our psychic senses match our physical senses. By isolating the dominate physical senses, we will tell what our psychic properties will be, and they usually go hand in hand.

In addition, it takes practice to develop and trust your intuition espeically when you are working with energy. 

  1. The focus of our thoughts should be on love.

Love is the only true emotion that drives us. All the other emotions, including hate or anger, are illusions in our mind or ego.

Our ego helps us to function, but the ego is often in control. Our ego holds all the memories, thoughts, and stories we play over and over  from the past.

Noticing these memories, thoughts streaming, and subconscious patterning is the first step to monitoring the messages we are telling ourselves.

Are these messages positive or negative? If they are negative, think of them as if they were weeds growing on the mountainside after it rains. It is up to us to be the gardener of our mind and realize what we are telling ourselves and reframe our thinking. Just as a gardener pulls weeds, we need to replace our negative thinking with positive thinking, or affirmation statements and deal with the stories we are telling ourselves, so they are no longer relevant in our mind.

Love is the driving force of the universe.

  1. Please ourselves first, not others:

We have determined (in between our lives with our spiritual support team) what is going to be our soul’s purpose.

Everyone has a spiritual support team, so it is up to us to learn to hear their guidance. If we are constantly doing things to please others than we have undermined the path our soul is clearly on. We can become passive-aggressive and do things other people want but if it’s not our will we may act out in anger or resentment? Remember to set clear boundaries with people closest to you. 

  1. Sense how we feel about decisions we make: 

With each decision: sense how we feel and we will know if it’s the right one.

Don’t blindly act. Take a breath to see if you can separate yourself from your thoughts. The breath will always break your thought pattern playing in your mind. It is a tool that will help you to change your focus. Then see how the decision feels in the gut. Is there anxiousness/fear versus joy/happiness? If the first scenario is true, change the course.

  1. A prayerful intention will open our inner dialogue with the creator:

Prayer will help us develop this inner dialogue. Our creator wants so desperately to have a relationship with each of us. Did you know that due to free will, the creator is waiting for us to make the first move? This relationship is probably the most important one we can have. The loving nonjudgmental demeanor of our creator will instill in us everything we need to live a more joyful life.

  1. Our higher self is the true moral compass:

As we strive to gain awareness around what our higher self is saying to us, we will see our lives change in positive directions and notice the miracles in our lives.   

Our creator wants every one of us to experience miracles. Miracles are all around us, and as we pray, meditate, change our focus, listen for the signs  and safely engage with our psychic senses we will experience these miracles.

Much of these laws are common sense. It is up to us to apply them every day. They were set into motion so that we could enjoy all the benefits and the richness this life has to offer us. To learn more about psychic and intution development please see Intuition Development 101.     Would you like to learn what your leading psychic sense is? Sign up for my free quiz. 

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