Everyone has hunches or gut feelings when it applies to our psychic knowing. We are able to receive intuitive knowledge. A psychic is someone who perceives information from intuition and acts on it. You don’t have to be a professional psychic to work with your own psychic knowing or intuition. Intuition is the ability to understand your soul’s message coming from your higher self, God, or your subconscious awareness. With some people, their psychic skills/inner gifts are fully developed from birth. Others must learn to awaken their psychic knowing and change their focus.

Divine intuition is within all of us.

God gave us the ability to work with our physical senses and our psychic senses. When we merge them together, we can gain a greater understanding of our soul’s purpose, which direction to go in, and it empowers us to make sound decisions. By achieving this awareness, you will live a more joyful life.

 There are many helpful reasons to develop this skill.  

One of my friends shared her experience with me. She and her husband were at the Los Angeles Convention Center parking lot for a trade show. He parked the car and right away she said don’t park here. He replied don’t be silly; We will only be here for a short time to take care of our stuff. She warned him again, and she had an unsettling reaction in her stomach that was making her feel uneasy. He didn’t listen to her. They got out of the van and went to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat before unloading their gear. After being gone only for one hour, they came back, and the van’s contents were gone, and all their equipment had been stolen. The manager from the restaurant verified that many customers’ cars were broken into. Had they trusted her intuition, they could have moved the car and avoided this unfortunate incident.

 I had another client tell me he used to enjoy taking classes from a famous religious leader and teacher. After a while, something had changed. He sensed the instructor made things up and wasn’t authentic or sincere. Even though the religious leader had a large following, my client instinctively realized this person was a fraud. Later, the teacher was arrested for engaging in illegal activity. My client admitted listening to his intuition saved him from spending more money.

My journey

 In 2011, I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. Without a doubt, my intuition concluded I would survive, and my journey became focused on healing. Trusting my hunches allowed me to change my focus and pick the right doctors and care plan. In fact, I was going to have surgery with one of the local surgeons at the community hospital near my house.

 But then I felt an urge to go to the premier cancer hospital in town that specialized in Breast Cancer. I was glad I did. There was a very skilled team of surgeons that removed all cancer from my body and put me back together again.

 My husband told me later he was so glad I switched doctors since he was worried, I wouldn’t have had the outcome we wanted. I am happy to report I remain cancer-free. This was one of the biggest lessons in my own life. It’s one reason I became a professional psychic medium.

 How has your intuition helped you make a sound decision or change direction in your life? Post below or on the blog page itself. Also, please review my five-week class and my three-month program to see if you’re ready to experience more magic in your life by developing your own gifts.

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