Do you find yourself deep in negative thoughts and unable to do anything about it to change your focus? Unfortunately, this is the case for most people and can be very damaging to one’s psyche.

Since our lives are manifested through our thoughts, it is necessary to be mindful of what you are telling yourself. By realizing your feelings, you will gauge what is happening in your mind. Now, in the beginning, this is going to take effort. Paying attention is the key to becoming aware, especially because one’s thoughts are transmitted by energy. Imagine this scene: your thoughts are like the mustard grass that grows out of control along the mountainside during the spring after it rains. They become weeds that are almost impossible to control because of the county’s lack of maintenance on the hillside. Your thoughts act just like the mustard grass if you let them build on each other. As you bring further energy into your life, you can manifest both negative and positive behavior or situations.

Visualize another scenario: think of the mind in terms of a radio station. Are you tuning in to the negative or positive station? As you expand through your worries, your body is repeatedly taking notice of everything you say. If you talk about negative things, your body responds. Since it does not know the difference between an inner intention and an experience, you can transform your course or path by focusing on a new inner event, story, thought, emotion, or feeling. Remember, the body is repeatedly reacting to what you are thinking and perceiving.

The next step is to use a divinely inspired tool to change your focus, called Positive Affirmation! Affirmations are phrases or statements that we repeat to ourselves to encourage us and shift our minds in ways that, hopefully, improve our lives. (“Daily Affirmations: 102 Powerful Affirmations to Improve Your Life”) They help us stay focused, as well as relieve anxiety and negativity.

Positive affirmation statements, if used habitually over time, will alter one’s mind. Once you notice a negative expectation, have your favorite affirmation statement handy and repeat it over in your mind. Here are a few that I use:

  • I can be whatever I want to be.
  • Today will be a productive day.
  • I feel more grateful each day.
  • My actions are meaningful and inspiring.
  • Today I choose to be happy.
  • I am living with abundance.
  • All I need is within myself right now.
  • I love myself and my higher self loves me.
  • Love surrounds me.
  • I send love to every area of my life.
  • I surround my family and my home in love.
  • I send love to all the important people in my life.

It takes conscious effort to break the cycle of the negativity running through one’s brain. Therefore, monitoring our minds and using Positive Affirmation Statements are useful tools to bring more joy to our life.

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