Don’t be angry at God

Have you been asking yourself, “Why do we have natural disasters?” I hope you find comfort in this channelled message.

No matter if you have lived in my area or not you have most likely experienced a natural disaster or have known someone who has personally. I have lived in Los Angeles my entire life and I have been through my share of natural disasters.

Why does God let this happen?

This is a normal question in the face of fear especially if your property is threatened by fire or earthquake. As I turned inward, asking for guidance on the Los Angeles fires, I got these messages from my higher self.

Why do we have natural disasters?

“Dear one, we realize this is a trying time right now on the Earth. We understand that it is difficult to watch your friends and neighbors suffering over the loss of property due to fire. Although the devastation can seem like you are being punished, this is not the case.

Please don’t buy into the fear. The Earth goes through many types of releasement including fire, earthquakes, and tsunamis. This is a necessary ebb and flow of the earth just like the tide in the ocean.

The issue is people are very attached to their dwellings and physical things. We suggest you go inward and connect with your higher self. Figure out your relationship with God and allow your own vibration to rise by eating organically, connecting in meditation or going out into nature if you are able. All these things over time make a difference.

Your thoughts do influence your own personal vibration and that of the collective planet. We know these are trying times. Breathe deep and try to think positive. Clear your physical space energetically and your personal aura. Visualize the angels placing a golden bubble from heaven around your aura and your property spreading out to your collective neighborhoods.

We love you dear one. Your angels are here for you. Please call on them since they wish to help. Have faith and trust in the divine process and your life will run more smoothly even in times of a natural disaster.”

A grounding prayer

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