Today, I would like to talk to you about going down the right path in life, the importance of it, and how you can use a visualization exercise to help you out.

Why do people stray from their path?

The reason humans choose a different direction is based on their decision-making ability. The most common issues people seem to revolve around are their career, finances, family relationships, the status of their current love life when they will meet their perfect mate, relocation, and health.

Meditative Exercise:

I offer this visualization exercise to see if you are indeed making the correct decision which would allow you to stay on your divinely guided path. Here are some suggestions that I have outlined. Go into nature, whether that is in the mountains, the forest, or the beach.

Quiet yourself by taking some deep breaths:

  • Get a sense of what the wind feels like.
  • Feel the sun on your back.
  • Listen to the sounds as you tune into another awareness.
  • Can you smell the surrounding aroma?
  • Can you touch a flower or the sand?

As you become quiet and focus less on your analytical mind, ask yourself the question of what issue you are trying to solve in your life. (Make this a mindfulness practice. You will be more like a witness to those thoughts that are constantly taking root.)

Focus on your psychic awareness.

As you continue your deep breathing, tune into your psychic senses of feeling, hearing, knowing, seeing, tasting, and smelling. What is happening is very subtle. If you feel out of sorts or anxious, stop and do more research, you’re not going in the right direction. There’s something that needs to be tweaked. If you feel completely at peace, then chances are you’re on the right path.

Our bodies are one big psychic receptor or antenna. We are constantly picking up intuitive signals. The signals for most people are created in your stomach, brain/head, or heart center. These are called your brain centers and they work with your psychic receptors in your body. They are constantly feeling sensing, hearing, knowing, and interpreting what is happening. Can you also tell what psychic senses are most apparent at this moment?

Since you’re in this human 3D environment, it may seem like you’re straying from the path a bit based on the different decisions that you make in life. As a divinely inspired person having a human experience, you already are down the correct path. Working with your psychic senses or developing your intuition will ensure that you stay on it in everyday life.

If you would like to listen to the YouTube Video I posted, please click here. Either leave a comment on the blog or the video and let me know what you think about being on the right path and how you figure that out for yourself. Many blessings.

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