Take a Walk

Now that Spring is here, it’s a great time to get outside, feel nature all around you, and celebrate spring. Did you know your psychic awareness is in your mind and you use your body as a big antenna or receptor to feel, sense, know, see, hear, and taste the outdoors? A good thing to do the next time you go on a hike or walk is to take a moment and do some deep breathing. See yourself relaxing into another awareness and as you move inward, sense the surroundings. Beauty is everywhere and if you find yourself in a bad mood, go outside and enjoy the cooler weather and the sunshine on your face. Nature is a wonderful way to help get your groove on and inspire your soul.

What Inspires You?

I have attached a video I made just the other day when I visited my local park. I was surprised to see a river flowing there. It was neat to see since we had never had a river in that park before. My bad mood melted away as the sun caressed my back and I could smell the aroma in the air around me and hear the trickling of the water in the distance. It was the perfect place for me to reflect on a problem I was facing in my life, and I am happy to report I came up with a suitable solution.

This is my favorite tree and I feel very connected to the land. The video is from the same park. The tree and I have had numerous conversations through the years and communicating with the tree is very subtle.  

Let me know what you do to relax and recharge your soul. Is nature something that inspires you as well? I would like to hear more about your experiences this spring. As always, reach out to me for a reading, or consider developing your own intuition. I am continuing to meet on Monday nights at 5 PM PST for our practice circle. I would love to see you there no matter what your experience level is.

Reach out to me with questions about my programming and I am happy to chat with you if you’re considering developing your own intuition. 

Happy Spring

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