Many clients seek an intuitive reading when they are at a crossroads in life and don’t know what to do. Some examples of this include, which college should they choose, should they stay in their relationship, should they move, or what career is best?

Determining a client’s choice isn’t the reason a person should book and intuitive reading. Instead, helping the person to reach a decision, choose their correct path, and sense how they feel is the key. Only on rare occasions the Soul’s Collective, or the divine spirit team I channel, has made a prediction. When I am channeling them, it is considered an altered state of higher consciousness where the prediction is coming from. Sometimes this is necessary if there is a standstill or stalemate regarding the issue at hand.

Because of the spiritual coveted law of free will, a person could get a prediction from an intuitive reading and be influenced to do the wrong thing. Or the answer may alter their path forever in this lifetime. Influencing someone in this way isn’t helpful.

So remember when choosing to take part in a psychic reading, have faith that you will be divinely guided to choose the correct path and make a sound decision that is empowering for the greater good.  Allow the session to open up a wide variety of possibilities. Readings should be about offering empowering guidance. The client will hopefully realize they can visualize the outcome for themselves. Finally, an intuitive reading supports our spiritual requirements. Adding a spiritual reading to our personal care plan is a valuable tool when used in addition to other practitioners that might be needed like a licensed psychologist or medical professional.

To find out which reading is right for you reach out to me through my website and visit my “What to Expect” page or head on over to my online store.

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