The Aura and Our Chakras

The aura is in your energy body or the etheric field. The chakras are located here, and they look like spinning wheels or lotus flowers. Energy is around us even if we cannot feel it. A healthy energy body contains chakras that are well balanced in vibration, color, and work effortlessly to operate when needed. They also help to establish healthy boundaries between individuals. When energy moves, they are just as easily opened when they are in use and closed when they are not.

 The major chakra network consists of 7 earth-bound and 12 spiritual centers. However, the system is vast within the human body, and no one will identify all of them. Understanding the importance of the major network as they go up the base of the spine is critical to a psychic reading. The chakras look like a wheel that is spinning or a lotus flower. Imagine the flow between the physical senses and the spiritual world.

Psychic and Physical Senses or Receptors

As the chakras open, energy transmits through the corresponding psychic receptor. They match the physical senses. The receptors are in the same location, including feeling, sight, hearing, knowing, and sensing. As an example, the receptor that is on each side of the head just above the ears can access your psychic sense of hearing. So when you want to have a psychic reading, the psychic is perceiving earthbound issues. At this level, the concerns are relationships, career, finances, relocation, etc.

Higher wisdom about your soul’s purpose, in between life situations or past lives, and Mediumship connecting to deceased loved ones flows by linking with one’s spirit team or divine helpers. We reach the higher wisdom through another vibration.

A Psychic Reading with Gail

Whatever the reason you feel called to book a session, I use all modalities in my readings, including mediumship, reiki, channeling divine guidance, psychic intuition, and laying out a roadmap of steps for you to follow. The key is to see yourself on your correct path. As I link up to our spiritual support team or divine helpers and masters to make a connection through my breath and change my awareness, the knowledge flows.

I hope this explanation is helpful. Have you thought about developing your own psychic abilities or would you like to book a reading? 

Develop Your Intuition

Are you ready to develop your own intuition? Consider taking the five-week course which is covering the mechanics of psychic development, practice, and visualization exercises. Or dive deep into the three-month program. Three months of study includes the five-week class plus mediumship and channeling.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

Many people take my programs and courses to feel comfortable using their intuition in their daily lives. Others have signed up because they are Reiki Masters or energy healers and want to be in touch with their intuition. Learning to trust and feel confident to share their insights with clients is so important. Even if you’re not studying to be a professional psychic, people have told me this work is life changing! As you develop a new mindset, you will change your focus and the result is peace of mind.   

Whatever your reason is that brought you here if you are reading this whole blog then you are on your spiritual journey, and I am honored to be your Spiritual Teacher and Mentor. Please contact me through my website and I am looking forward to working with you. Many blessings, Gail Serna.

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