I have done this work myself and can tell you over time it helps you to move forward on your path creating that life you never thought possible. If you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) like me, the Earth doesn’t have to be a battleground. Learn to navigate your thought’s feelings and emotions and don’t let them run the show. The earth is continually going through energetic shifts that are making us feel off balance. As a result, clutter builds up in your energy field including the chakras. Allow me to help you with this. I am honored to channel Divine energy, cut your cords, and clear your energetic clutter.
Blessings, Gail

Have you been:

  • wanting to create more joy in your life?
  • feeling down in the dumps for more than just a couple of days?
  • losing patience with the people you love for no apparent reason?

How Do You Know You Need a Clearing?

  • If you are in a bad mood for more than three days and it won’t go away.
  • If you are losing patience with those you love.
  • If your concentration is difficult.
  • If you continue to dwell on an issue from your past that brings you pain in any way emotionally
  • Are you an empath, sensitive to the core, and care about what everyone thinks about you?
  • Do you have a chronic illness, and the traditional doctor can’t find a cure? (Although I am not a medical doctor or licensed therapist) I can pinpoint things that you can then ask for advice and confirm with your medical professional.

As a spiritual counselor, I can help you with your spiritual well-being and would be honored to be a part of your care team.

How Can a Spiritual Counseling Session Help You?

Rarely do we meet someone who has not experienced a traumatic event in their life. When this happens, it can cause us to be unstable emotionally and affects our lives in many other ways. Adding a spiritual counselor to one’s team is a smart move. We should take this step after seeing a psychologist. Spiritual counselors have different tools that are helpful in eliminating suffering. But they will only work when you are not experiencing PTSD resulted from trauma. Address this first.

  • As energetic beings, it is important to clear the mind of thoughts that no longer serve you.
  • Imagine that the thoughts look like cords and can be as thick as tree trunks or tree roots attaching to your aura.
  • We will identify those issues that keep weighing you down both emotionally and physically and removing those cords.
  • You will learn to continue with the work after the healing session is over.
  • Also, not only do cords represent issues or thought-forms but people too.
  • We will work on identifying those issues and people that you should emotionally cut your cords to only allowing cords of love to be left in your energy body or aura.
  • But one thing to keep in mind is every time you think a negative thought about that issue you have attached a cord to your aura or energy body.
  • This is so important to see If you have cords that need cutting.
  • Otherwise, you will be out of alignment all over your body. It can affect you physically and emotionally.

What Happens in a Session?

  • To pinpoint the issues that you want to reframe and retrain your subconscious mindset, I will ask you a series of questions and see where your needs lie.
  • There will be unlimited email support through the time we are working together.
  • These sessions will be five hours and we will meet for one hour each week.
  • My online classroom of choice is Zoom.

The Tools

Through a series of techniques, we will work on the emotional and mental blocks that have been rooted in your subconscious. These are your own worst enemy and can hold you back from living a joyful life.  These techniques include:

  • cord-cutting
  • infused Reiki energy
  • visualization
  • meditation
  • prayer work
  • identifying your God Source
  • affirmations
  • chakra balancing
  • unblocking your energy flow
  • reframing your thoughts
  • forgiveness work
  • using positive affirmations
  • monitoring your mind

Homework & Continued Maintenance:

Homework is highly recommended and will include journaling, meditation, and other exercises to help you monitor your mindset.  

Remember cords will clear instantly as we pray. You will most likely continue to think about the issue or situation again. It is important to ask the angels in prayer to help you so that the issue that you are trying to cut the cord around no longer has an emotional charge for you.  Every time you ask, the angels have removed it on their level.  It takes time for us to feel the shift. Keep asking in prayer and tell the angels that you no longer wish to suffer. Eventually, the situation will not have an emotional charge and you will have no feeling around the situation. You will know the cord clearing is complete for that situation. The process of how long it takes is up to you. Each person is an individual around this.

Please see my terms and conditions page regarding refunds and rescheduling. 

Please note spiritual counseling sessions do not take the place of your traditional doctor’s treatment. This process should be a compliment to the overall healing process. 

How to Schedule:

Please pay for your session online. You can use PayPal or your credit card. Once your payment is processed, I will be notified by email and we can schedule the sessions. Please provide your phone number. Please see my terms and conditions page regarding refunds and rescheduling.

My spiritual counseling sessions with Gail were amazing. She has a gift and a wonderful way of explaining difficult topics in a loving way. I look forward to future sessions with her. It felt like the blocks were removed and I could see clearly what my issues were and heal relationships like my parents who were my biggest block toward healing.

Olivia H.

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