I am going to teach you about your spirit support team members and how you can start developing this relationship.  Once you learn to use discernment and trust the guidance you’re receiving, making the divine connection is life-changing. Your team’s main job is to move you forward on your path, guide you, and protect you physically and energetically. Everyone has a spirit support team. They are always kind, wise, loving, will offer their assistance as the need arises and they won’t tell you what to do or be forceful in any way. Never be afraid or frightened of your Spirit Team otherwise known as your Soul’s Collective or a team of guiding spirits.  

Since the Divine Creator gave each human free will of their own choosing, they will wait patiently in the background until you’re ready. With practice, dedication, identification, and the willingness to develop your intuition, your relationship will blossom over time. Your Spirit Support Team is composed of ascended masters, angels, master teachers, and deceased loved ones. They come and go based on what is happening in your life. 

Master Teachers

are those that have lived a life on Earth and have raised their vibrational awareness.  Your soul has chosen them to be on your council or team. These companions generally stay with you for your full incarnation. So they know you very well. There are many categories of master teaching including those that bring joy to your life, act as a philosopher, protector, counsel you on your health and medical issues, guide you on creative projects, and the main Master Teacher hands out the assignments to the others on your team.


The interesting thing to note about angels is that you have had two guardian angels, both of which were assigned to be with you when you were born and remain by your side throughout your entire lifetime on Earth. As for the hierarchy is concerned, archangels are considered the highest-ranking angels and will assist your team at various stages in your life. Their main purpose is to lead the other helper angels. 

Deceased Loved Ones

Clients have said to me they wouldn’t want their deceased mother or father to be on their team. No need to worry. Only souls who have a high consciousness will be spirit members. Examples of deceased relatives who could be on your team are those who have reached the point where they have learned their karmic lessons and have raised their vibration. If your parent hasn’t learned their own karmic lessons and is considered an old soul, they cannot be your counsel. However, they might be a helper only if you choose them to assist you.

How to Connect to Your Team

The best way is to use a guided meditation:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Relax in your chair or lie down. 
  • Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Visualize roots from the bottom of your feet going into Mother Earth.
  • Now send her energy up through your feet into your aura. 
  • Direct your attention to the base of your spine. Visualize a crystal elevator coming to greet you.  
  • See yourself getting in the elevator with your guardian angels by your side. 
  • You are at peace and excited for the journey ahead.
  • The elevator transports you and your guardian angels to heaven, where you are greeted by your spirit team. 
  • What is the first thing that comes to mind with this encounter?
  • Ask your guides to help you with an issue in your life as if you are praying.
  • What do you sense, feel, or know?
  • Make a mental note and thank your angels and your guides for being with you.
  • When you are ready open your eyes and return to center.

I suggest that you tape-record yourself doing this meditation so you can practice it.

Take notes as to the types of impressions that you sense, even if you get a name that is wonderful but not necessary. Any qualities are important to write down.  Continue to put the puzzle pieces together by journaling about your thoughts and dreams. Become aware of the synchronicities in your life or what others are telling you. This is the start of learning to use your intuition.

 I would love to work with you as your mentor teacher. Learning to develop, trust, and discern who your team is and what they are saying is wonderfully satisfying. You will be able to gain answers to life’s questions about relationships, career, family matters and so much more. In my three-month intuition development program, you will learn to make this connection with your team members. Developing this skill will put your mind and heart at ease and put you on the path of receiving so much insight regarding your life. 

The result will lead to more joy and empower you to make sound decisions. Reach out to me through my website to learn what program or class is right for you. The fact that you are reading this whole blog means it’s not a coincidence that you are here. You won’t regret learning to develop your intuition and open your psychic senses. Your spiritual journey is just beginning, and your spirit support team is looking forward to having a soulful connection.

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