Angels are a different species other than humans. We always have two Guardian angels by our side. They will not intervene because of free-will. So remember to ask them for help. That is what they are here for. Call on them for anything. As divine messengers, they have a sacred obligation to be by our side.  Angels may appear differently to each one of us. Angels can be interpreted as feminine or masculine figures, wise and mature beings, or even as young children depending on individual perspectives.


Many people want to know if they can just call on God and bypass the angels altogether. The answer is yes. It is up to the individual. I love angels and talk to them constantly. They help me manifest what I am seeking more quickly.


Just as the perception of God varies from person to person, so does spirituality. This connection is deeply personal, existing between you and your higher self. While I value the experience of attending church or temple, I recognize that human interpretation often influences the divine message in these settings. Therefore, I prefer to seek guidance from my higher self to discern what resonates with me. It’s important to acknowledge that the divine presence resides within each of us, alleviating any need for fear. However, I understand that interpretations may differ, and what resonates with one person may not resonate with another.


By practicing prayer and meditation, we can develop a deep connection with God and our angels. If you’re new to prayer, keep it simple. Set aside moments of quiet in your day, perhaps before rising in the morning, to pray and become attuned to the subtle cues in your life. These signals may be your angels beginning to communicate with you. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the frequency and duration of your prayer and meditation sessions. Prayer (or telepathy) involves speaking to these divine beings, while meditation entails listening to their responses. Consider dedicating a special space in your home, like an altar, for this practice. Remember not to stress over it; start with whatever time you can spare. You might listen to someone guiding you, which is called Visualization, sit in silence, or practice Mindfulness—whatever suits you best.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Remember how uniquely we encounter our angels, and the emotions God stirs within you. If the conversation brings about feelings of goodness, love, and non-judgment, it means you’re connecting with light energy. See what works for you and leave a comment below. If you’re interested in delving deeper into angels and wish to connect with your guardian angel, consider booking a reading.

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