I love this quote from The Talmud: “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers grow, grow, grow.” We have two guardian angels that have been with us since the beginning. Guardian angels are silent helpers behind the scenes of our life.

Your guardian angels are with you at every moment of the day. Call on them for anything. Since guardian angels are god’s messengers, they unconditionally love us and want what is best for everyone. Guardian angels collaborate with Jesus and other ascended masters in varied faiths. The angels have one purpose, which is to act on behalf of God in the fashion of true love and respect. We may see angels that look feminine, masculine, older and wiser, or childlike. They will appear to us in the way that makes us feel most comfortable.

The main concern to remember is how each encounter with your Guardian Angels makes you feel. If it feels good, loving, and nonjudgmental, then you are conversing with divine energy. Because of free will, you must ask the angels for help before they intervene. The easiest way to connect with your angel is through prayer, and when you continue with this daily practice, you will learn to telepathically communicate with them. When you develop your intuition and your psychic senses the connection becomes much stronger almost like you’re talking to a loved one.

There is no right or wrong way to pray to your angel. Try and stick to a set schedule when you are first starting out. The spirit world where the angels live is not a faraway place. They are all around us and anyone can seek their guidance and comfort.

You can bypass the angels and talk directly to God. However, angels are God’s creation since God’s vibration is so high and they are earthbound with us. It is easier for them to interact with us regularly. Reach out to them to solve complex problems or simple issues. They simply wish to bring us peace. Nothing is off-limits. The main concern is to start the relationship.

The angels are from a different species other than humans. Although they have not lived on the earth before, angels feel emotion, especially from us. So they have a direct understanding of what we are going through. They are very much in touch with our dimension known as the Earthly Plane.

Have you had your own encounters with your guardian angels? Leave me a comment below or reach out to me to book a READING and we can explore angels further and what it means to your spiritual journey.

A quote from the Talmud

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