A paradigm shift is a transformation in consciousness or a spiritual awakening where we can feel, sense, or know our God Source and the divine energy which is flowing freely through us. If you are experiencing a shift now, then you can define what God means to you on a personal level.

Why Is the Shift Something to Concern Ourselves With?

 Shifting into different vibrational states of awareness is an important aspect of our soul’s growth, spiritual awakening, and collective consciousness. Our mood not only affects us but everyone else with who we come into contact. We pattern our behavior after those that are closest to us and this is not helpful, especially if we are unaware of this. No matter what life has dealt us, our thoughts, our emotions and our ego can go through an overhaul from the negative banter. Tell a different story by reframing and monitoring your thoughts. This process is gradual and very empowering.

 Do Not Fear This Process!

Allow for this shift to take place, especially during this challenging time that we find ourselves in. Many people fear this process based on their upbringing. Were you taught to fear God or that the Divine is critical?

Do you have an inner knowing on some level that this is a false? If this is the case, then speaking with a Spiritual Counselor will be helpful to help uncover your belief system about this. Some, however, will not be ready to deepen their relationship with God and that is ok. Each person is down their own path or spiritual journey.

How Does One Know If the Shift Is Taking Place?

A good thing to make a habit of is to pray regularly. Cultivate an open heart, mind, and a desire to connect with the Divine energy. For those who are ready, the shift will happen naturally. A feeling and a sense of peace will wash over the person.

Perhaps your psychic senses will start interacting with your physical senses, giving you greater clarity and more aha moments will happen. You will recognize the synchronicities lining up. The knowledge that you are on your life’s path will skyrocket. When these things fall into place, find support through a mentor or someone who has been through the process as well.

Be the Shining Light and Lead by Example!

 Allow yourself to be the shining light for others. There are many people who are trying to find their way. Set the example! The process is clear and the steps toward living in an altered state of consciousness include practicing inner integrity and loving kindness, speaking our truth, doing things that bring us joy, setting appropriate boundaries, and merging our psychic senses with our physical senses. Living our best life starts with a strong desire to know there is a divine connection made up of energy that is within us all.

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