Caressa is your helper angel and she would like to assist you in your life. Call out to her in prayer and use your psychic senses to feel her loving energy as she guides you to make sound decisions.

The card Caressa can be found in the
Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards Published by Hay House

Here is what the card says:

“You are at the end of a cycle in your life. Call upon your angels to comfort you, and guide you to your next step. Happiness awaits you now.”

Their inspiration is channeled by Souls Collective, Caressa, and Gail:

“Change is always going to occur and a new cycle will naturally take place. As your angel guide, I have heard humans say that they don’t like change. Call upon me to guide you toward making the right decision for yourself. Ask yourself this question if I choose this path where will I be in five years? See if you can energetically sense how you feel. Is it a good path for you to go in? Feel free to proceed if you are feeling positive. Otherwise, more research is necessary before making the next step.

Going through transitions is how we evolve and grow in each lifetime. Learn to accept change and release any preconceived notion that after it occurs things will be different. Instead, focus on the inner dialogue of your peaceful nature and radiate it outward toward everyone you meet. Love is the emotion that will carry you down the river toward the adjustment in life. Spotlight love in your heart and mind and each transition will take on a more harmonious outcome. Strive for inner peace by using the breath as one’s focal point. The breath will always lead you inward down the river of love both in heart and mind.

Learning to listen to your own intuition will enhance your life greatly. Your intuition is your guide on the Earth. Don’t discount it or say you don’t have any. Every human has intuitive muscles. See a teacher who will help you work with your psychic senses. Like anything, if you work at it, you will get better at listening to your own inner guidance and soul’s wisdom. We are here for all those who seek us out (meaning your own spirit team or souls collective). We welcome the opportunity for you to communicate with us directly dear one.”

Next Steps:

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