Hi Gail, I want to thank you very much for our reading this morning and for seeing my dad and me on such short notice. I believe my dad found some comfort with what you had to say. The mediumship reading was spot on. I always believe in psychic mediums and I looked hard to find someone to help us. For myself, I use psychic healers or readers because I like that in my life. Blessings to you. I know I will be calling you again.

I am so blessed to have Gail in my life. She is a gifted intuitive, healer, friend and soul sister. Thank you for helping me through my journey as I grieve. Love and light to you, dear one.

Ann Castle

Celestial Energy Center

This morning I had a wonderful meditation time…

Found your feedback from SoulsCollective to be so helpful! You (through them) leading me into deeper meditation.

Thank you!! It is not that I didn’t know it – just needed the affirmative clap on the back – I always sit but sometimes the quality suffers. Blessings, Gail!

Sister Deborah Lorentz

Holy Spirit Retreat Center

Gail Serna is a very gifted psychic medium. She has provided me with very accurate and helpful information on many occasions. What I most appreciate is the positive tone of her readings; they empower and encourage the recipient while providing helpful Angel Guidance.

Taryn Egidio

Psychic Medium Mentor and Teacher

Gail is a really gifted intuitive! She has the ability to zero in on the core issues you are dealing with and offer divinely guided solutions. She was spot on with many of her insights. I loved the reading I received and look forward to having more in the future!

Theresa Smith

Tarot Card Reader & Marketing Communications Manager

Truly a wonderful intuitive reader with remarkable and inspiring insight that helps to heal, bring clarity & cultivate transformation! Thank you!

Lala Khan

Workshop Facilitator and Healthcare Manager

Gail – Thanks for taking some time to speak with me today. I greatly enjoyed our conversation and the opportunity to catch up. It was also very helpful to me in my job search. You are an excellent listener, analyst, strategist and very intuitive.

Alan Rothman


I was Pleasantly surprised when Gail crossed my path. On the island of Maui, Hawaii!! It was meant to be. Gail was on point on everything. She had the message I have been waiting for. She helped me understand and release my father. Gail is truly gifted. I can’t wait to see what awaits me. All things are possible. Aloha Gail!

Stephanie Smythe

Reservation’s Manager

You always connect me with helpful information, Gail. The last group of loved ones that came through on my behalf brought heartwarming messages and it was a very special moment; not sure if you recall that day but I still do. Thank you again!

Diana Garnard

Nurse Manager

So much has changed for me since we had the reading a year ago. It is funny at the time we did the reading I did not connect with everything you told me and then one thing after another just fell into place and made sense. It really shocked me. I was going to write you a message because of all these things I could work through and find clarity with. Then I went to your website, and I saw you wrote about feeling lost on your path and you’re searching for something. It just kind of triggered me because of COVID everything is so out of sorts, so instead of writing you a message I had another session with you. Because your website spoke to me.


Thank you, my wonderful friend and gifted psychic Gail Serna, for the reading you did for me today. …I was blown away by all the information that came through. You confirmed so much for me…. you are truly incredible …. thank you so much?

Raquel Toombs

Intuitive Healer

Hi Gail, I like your message for today! Thank you for the wonderful reading this morning it was very accurate. You mentioned about the Fire and Water and that is something I’m working to balance in my life, even though I hadn’t mentioned it you knew. Your advice about when you are needing help with any question to write down your deepest desire of who, what, why, how and where I want the direction to go, is incredibly profound and helpful. I can’t thank you enough! Big hug to you!

Carolyn Guske

Artist and Teacher Walt Disney Feature Animation

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