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Deep Dive Intuition Development Including Practice and Support Online!

This program is beneficial for those who are ready to pursue their intuition deeper than a five-week commitment will allow. It is also designed for you to incorporate all that you have learned in Intuition Development 101 and have even a deeper level of trust in your intuition. Exercises, practice, and meditation with each class is required.


Energy is continuous. It surrounds our bodies and can easily flow from one human to another human based on a person’s desired intent or thought.  Since this is the case many of us are walking around with energy that may not be beneficial to our mindset or mood.

This program will help you to sense feel and know though your intuition and psychic senses what is happening within your own Aura or energy body and other people as well.

Learning to use energy to benefit yourself in life is the key to developing your intuition and your psychic senses. Imagine if you are interviewing for another job. How does that job make you feel in your gut? Are you anxious about it? Then maybe this job is not the right one or you need to do more research before taking it.  This is one of the many practical examples of how you can use your intuition in your life to guide you. Your intuition will help you to see clearly what decisions you should make.

Every human wants to live a life of joy. By combining your psychic senses and your physical senses making sound decisions will come easily. The stress of daily life will disappear, and you will gain the clarity and the wisdom to see clearly what the right path is.

As you develop your intuition you will live life on your own terms, gain more confidence and peace of mind!

How the mentorship program works:

We will meet once a week for an hour and a half combining interactive teaching and practice. In addition, you will have email support as you begin to develop your psychic abilities and want to have an understanding of the energy interaction around you while it’s happening. We will use Zoom. I am happy to speak with you first before you purchase the program since there are no refunds!  Reach out to me at  or call 818-451-6694. 

We will pick a suitable time to work together.  Also a payment plan can also be worked out. Ask me for details on this.

“Happiness is learning to trust and develop your intuition to move you forward on your path.” Gail Serna and the SoulsCollective

What Students Can Expect To Learn:

  • We will study and have an in-depth look at the Aura, Energy Body, Chakra System including the 12 Chakras and their purposes and benefits. We will develop all of the psychic receptors even further than Intuition Development 101 allowed for including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairgustance, and clairempathy.
  • We will work on feeling comfortable with who your spirit support team is, defining their role, significance in the paradigm structure, and benefits they have to your team. We will work on your relationship with your Divine energy and Reiki will be a major component of healing that will be administered throughout the program.
  • We will work on feeling comfortable working with your angels and ascended masters as well as other divine energies.
  • How do you know when your Intuition is doing the talking vs. your ego? This will be further explored. The ability to continue to trust your intuition is a very important goal of this program.
  • We will learn how to ask questions from the universe and beyond.
  • We will continue to cultivate what it means to be able to use your intuition to make sound decisions in your life.
  • We will learn what it means to connect with the deceased loved ones through our divine team.
  • We will cover the differences between working psychically, mediumistically, and channeling.
  • We will establish a dialogue with spirit including identification & connection, relaying evidence from the spirit of deceased loved ones, and bring through the message.

Thank you Gail after working with you…I feel much more informed and better.  Some of the negativity is leaving and I sense more direction, greater clarity.  I do feel like some of those bad ties have been cut and am trying to look through the world with better eyes. It gave great insight and relief…

Nancy V.

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