3 Month Intuition Development Deep Dive Including Practice and Support Online!

Cultivate more joy and gain clarity about your path in life by opening up to your soul’s wisdom through your psychic senses.

What Brought You Here?

Are you looking to take your intuition to the next level but don’t know where to start? Having someone show you the ropes is what you need from struggling to connect to be able to tune in through a simple breath.

This program will go deeper than Intuition  Development 101 allows. Once you have completed the introductory class, take the next step on your journey.

Before you sign up for this program understanding the mechanics of intuition development is helpful. Although I suggest you take the introductory class it’s not necessary.  (We can start off with learning the basics in this program as well. Some people just know they are ready for a more profound study format.) We will work on further developing through practice and visualization exercises,  controlling your energy, having a full understanding of your spiritual support team, continuing a deepened relationship with your Divine Creator, and strengthening your psychic skills including:

  • Clairvoyance means clear seeing
  • Clairaudience means clear hearing
  • Clairsentience means clear feeling
  • Claircognizance means clear knowing
  • Clairalience means clear smelling
  • Clairgustance means clear tasting


Does This Sound Like You?

For those professions who are around people all day and in small, confined space including a nurse, teacher, caregiver, massage therapist, hairdresser, healer (to name a few), etc.  This program will teach you to control the energy in your aura and feel confident doing it. 

This format will firmly develop these skills. If you really want to use your intuition to move you forward you need more study, continued practice & accountability.

Natasha was a student of mine and while we’re in the middle of working together she made this observation,

“We did talk a lot about how the key and cornerstone to developing your intuition is having the guided practice. It helps so much. I can do it myself but when I have someone take me through the exercises I can let go of the steps of it all and flow into it more.” 

After completing three months with me here is what she had to say as well

“I have been working with Gail for the past 3 months in her Intuition Development mentorship program.

As a Reiki Master, I have always had access to my Intuition, but I decided to work with Gail because I was struggling to trust my intuition and the messages, I was receiving from my Spirit Team. I also wanted to deepen and strengthen the connection to my client’s Spirit Team in my work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Gail, she is kind, compassionate, and supportive. She has helped me to feel so much more confident in my abilities and given me the structure needed to practice my intuitive muscles.

Since signing up with Gail, I feel more confident, connected, and my relationship with my Spirit Team is stronger than ever. I would recommend her mentorship to anyone wanting to deepen their intuitive abilities.”


Energy is continuous. It surrounds our bodies and can easily flow from one human to another human based on a person’s desired intent or thought.  Since this is the case many of us are walking around with energy that may not be beneficial to our mindset or mood.

This program will help you to sense feel and know though your intuition and psychic senses what is happening within your own Aura or energy body and other people as well.

Learning to use energy to benefit yourself in life is the key to developing your intuition and your psychic senses. Imagine if you are interviewing for another job. How does that job make you feel in your gut? Are you anxious about it? Then maybe this job is not the right one or you need to do more research before taking it.  This is one of the many practical examples of how you can use your intuition in your life to guide you. Your intuition will help you to see clearly what decisions you should make.

Every human wants to live a life of joy. By combining your psychic senses and your physical senses making sound decisions will come easily. The stress of daily life will disappear, and you will gain the clarity and the wisdom to see clearly what the right path is.

As you develop your intuition you will live life on your own terms, gain more confidence and peace of mind!

How This Works:

Whatever level you are at we will work:

  • one on one for 3 months
  • meeting an hour to an hour and a half each week depending.
  • It will be a custom made program tailored to your individual needs.
  • Reiki will be administered as a major component of healing throughout the program.
  • Plus there will be unlimited email support where you will be able to reach out to me during the week.
  • However, it is up to you to continue with your meditation practice when we are not working with each other

Reach out to me:

  • at info@soulscollective.com 
  • I am happy to talk with you and answer all of your questions before signing up.
  • We will pick a suitable time to work together.
  • Investment Cost: $1225.00 
  • Also, a payment plan can also be worked out. Ask me for details on this.
  • We will work on Zoom
  • Please see my terms and conditions page for information about refunds and rescheduling.

What Students Can Expect To Learn:

  • Deepen your relationship with your divine creator, understand and trust where the guidance is coming from.
  • Learn to simplify mediumship.
  •  Feel even more comfortable with the psychic receptors and mechanics of intuition.
  • Pure practice, visualization, guided meditation.
  • Work on self-awareness exercises.
  • Strengthen your ability to move forward on your path and gain clarity using your breath.
  • Change focus quickly and craft your own psychic language of color, sign, and symbols.
  • Learn how to read your own aura & someone else’s aura.
  • Continue to understand the Chakras and learn what the auric colors mean to you on a personal level and how to use the colors as symbols during a reading.
  • Feel safe to trust whatever is coming through.
  • Have a clear understanding of what the messages mean or if you need a message. 
  • The message is often in the evidence given by the deceased loved one. We will explore this concept.
  • Study Mediumship/connect with deceased loved ones combine with good foundational course to becoming a professional psychic medium or to use in your daily life.
  • We don’t need a spirit support team to practice mediumship but you will become familiar with the concept if this resonates with you. 
  • Explore the differences between working psychically, mediumistically, and channeling.
  • Work on deepening your relationship with your Divine energy.
  • Learn when your intuition is doing the talking versus your ego.
  • Cultivate what it means to be able to use your intuition to make sound decisions in your life.

I’ve always been an intuitive person. In fact, my oldest memory is from when I was two years old and I told my mom not to take a certain way to go to the store, she didn’t listen, and she got robbed. But, for some years, I quieted that voice and even forgot about it.

A few years ago, the Universe started “talking” to me louder and, although I have been paying more attention, I wanted to further develop this aspect. So I signed up for a class with @psychicmediumgail and it’s been a fantastic journey!

I have identified my strongest psychic senses. I have developed the ones that were not too strong, I have had Akashic records journeys (find more about it on her blog) where I could even heal some past life stuff that revealed in this life’s physical pain, I have used Mediumship to help clients who were grieving their pets, delivering a clearer insight to clients who come to receive Energy Healing or Reiki Sessions. And in my day-to-day life tapping into it and receiving grace and guidance.

Today I’m feeling proud and feel accomplished that I have finished this program, and I’m grateful to Gail for being a wonderful mentor. She created a wonderful safe container where I felt comfortable practicing and discovering my gifts. and I’m ready to share them with the world!

Luisa Skup

Reiki Master Teacher & Psychologist

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